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Weapon types

The weapon types correlate exactly with the weapon skills. The weapon types with some example weapons are:

  • Fighter class weapons
    • Longswords: longsword, broadsword, bastard sword, scimitar, falchion, claymore
    • Maces: club, flail, mace, morning star, war hammer, great maul, lucern hammer
    • Axes: cleaver, axe, hatchet, tomahawk, labrys, 2-headed axe
    • Polearms: halberd, spear, scythe, glaive, hoe, trident
  • Rogue class weapons
    • Ranged: short bow, long bow, crossbow, sling, musket
    • Shortswords: dagger, shortsword, main gauche, rondel, machete
    • Foils: rapier, kryss, epee, sabre
  • Monk class weapons
    • Unarmed: bare hands, gloves, neko-de, katar, brass knuckles
  • Necromancer class weapons
    • Hexblades: athame, kris, sickle, stiletto
  • Unclassed weapons
    • Staves: crooks, staves, gnarled staves and shillelaghs

All of the above weapon types are Melee weapons, with the exception of ranged.

When you look at a weapon in your inventory, or are buying one, the weapon type (ie the weapon skill) is displayed in the window with all the other weapon information, such as required strength, damage range, damage type, speed, etc.

Different weapons have not only different damage ranges, but also different speeds. Just because a halberd does more damage than a dagger, doesn't necessarily make it a better weapon: as the dagger is faster (this statement also does not imply the dagger is better than the halberd, it is purely an example).

Weapon damage types

Different weapons also do different damage types: ie slashing, piercing & bludgeoning damage. Some monsters are vulnerable to certain damage types.

  • Undead: vulnerable to bludgeoning damage
  • Hellspawn: vulnerable to slashing damage
  • Dragons: vulnerable to piercing damage

Also, The fighter class weapons (axes, swords, maces and polearms) as well as unarmed attacks can be used to bash open locked doors or chests, but watch out for traps. See Chests, Locks and Traps for more.

Unarmed-Combat Weapons

This oxymoron actually describes a class of weapons that while equipped, will increase your skill in unarmed combat. While these weapons increase the average non-critical damage per hit, your attacking speed may be slowed somewhat, and the rate of criticals will be reduced.


Armour can be equipped in the following slots:

  • Head: caps, helms, coifs
  • Body: mail, gi
  • Waist: belt
  • Legs: greaves, leggins, gi
  • Hands: gloves, gauntlets
  • Feet: boots

There are 4 basic armour weights, or classes:

  • Unarmoured: cloth (or not wear anything at all)
  • Light: padded, leather
  • Medium: ring, chain, scale
  • Heavy: splint, plate

In general, the more armour you are wearing, the higher your defence. Wearing armour is subject to strength requirements.

For unarmoured fighters (monks), they must be fully wearing nothing or armour of the unarmoured grade in order to receive attack & defence bonuses.

Armour weights and classes

Gaining defence by wearing medium or heavy armour is subject to having skill points in fighter. Light requires points in rogue or fighter.

Eg, if your highest fighter skill is say 50%, and you have 10 def worth of medium and heavy armour on, then you only gain 50% x 10 def = 5 points worth of defence. If you had 100% in a fighter skill, then you would get the full 10 points of defence from that armour. For light armour, you need 100% in either a rogue skill or a fighter skill to get the full defence from that armour.

Rings and Neckwear

Apart from being decorative, rings and neckware are often enchanted with magical effects such as nightvision enhancement, stat boosts and defence enhancements.


Sigils are semi-permanent tattoo-like runes that add 3 extra +stat slots to your character. They are Sigils of Mind, Body and Spirit. Like jewellery items, they can have +stat types like +nightvision, +Attack Strength, etc. Unlike jewellery items, they are not craftable and only come from drops/chests. Unlike equipment items you cannot unequip them - once you apply a Sigil of that slot you cannot remove or replace it with another Sigil of that type without first using a Destroy Sigil scroll (available from your local Scribe NPC). Wands of transferrance can be used on them, and there are special scrolls in the addy coin shop that can remove them without destroying them.


  • Torches: useful for creating light in a dark place, torches will be automatically extinguished when you enter the daylight
  • Keys: usualy obtained for quests - used for unlocking doors
  • Gem: view a gem to see a birds eye view of your location
  • Pocket watch: useful for telling the time, if you have one the current in-game time will appear in the status area
  • Pocket knife: use on logs to carve items (see thread on woodworking)
  • Mining pick: used for mining ore
  • Fishing pole: fishing
  • Smiths hammer: blacksmithing (see thread on smithing)
  • Tongs: used for making metal items (see thread on smithing)
  • Woodsman's axe: chopping trees to obtain logs
  • Lockpick: picking locks on doors and chests (not all locks are pickable) (press j)
  • Probe: used for disarming traps (press J)
  • Sextant: will inform you of your position on the current map - if you are outdoors
  • Grapple (grappling hook): use to climb mountains (press k). Mountain climbing is dangerous!
  • Raft: for water travel.
  • Sewing kit: for tailoring
  • Mortar and pestle: for making potions and other alchemy
  • Magnifying glass: used to identify objects: requires skill in item identification
  • Skull key: used to open locked doors (key is destroyed after one use)
  • Polypile wand: put 3 items of similar type on the ground and zap them with the wand. Maybe something will happen, maybe something won't.


Stock up on plenty of yellow (healing) potions. Blue potions restore mana, and red potions cure poison. All potions are used via the p key, but it might be a good idea to bind them to one of the numeric hot keys. Press CTRL+number when in the potion menu to bind the selected potion to the selected number key.

  • Yellow : restores health
  • Blue : restores mana
  • Red: cures poison
  • Green: poisons target
  • Brown: Increases your speed
  • Orange: puts the target to sleep
  • Purple: adds extra attack strength
  • Lime: full nightvision
  • Pink: cures disease
  • Black: invisibility
  • Cyan: blinks
  • White: transparent sight
  • Clear: bottled fountain water
  • Khaki: 10 seconds of full rage bar


These are scrolls that any type of player can use, & which are invaluable to you surviving EUO. They are as follows:

  • Town Portal Scroll: Creates a town portal at your location which will transport you back to your chosen bind town when walked into. Useful for restocking during adventuring & allowing people to travel to you to party with. You can set your 'home town' by typing /bind in many of the towns around the land of New Sosaria. Nordhaven, Izumi, & other Townes further afield can be used as your home base . The player who creates the portal determines its life-span: it exists for a two-way trip only before disappearing; thus if you are partied, you should always go last if you created the portal!
  • Identify Scroll: Unless you invest in the identify skill, these scrolls allow you to identify unknown (orange) magical items. Drop the item on the floor, (u)se the scroll in its direction.
  • Resurrection Scroll: Unless you have a high level mage with you, this is the best way to restore lost party members! Bear in mind that the freshly risen character will be very weak, and prone to returning to the grave if they are in a dangerous area!
  • Uncurse Scroll: Obvious, really- uncurses magical items. The item has, like with the identify scroll, to be on the ground!
  • Unweld Scroll: This is for when you either wield a cursed item by mistake, or have your items cursed (it can happen!). Using this scroll removes any cursed items from being (R)eadied- it does not, however, uncurse the item.

There are quite a few more scrolls to be aware of. See the Inscription page for more information.


When you want to learn a new spell (i.e., gain the ability to cast that spell), go to a Scribe Shoppe (the shops marked with a scroll like sign) and buy a Tome containing that spell.

To learn that spell read the tome like any other book with r, select the Tome and the spell will be learned. You only need to learn a spell once. To then see the chance of casting that spell, press z until you see the list of your known spells - success rates of all the spells you know will be listed here.

More on Magic and Spellcasting here.


Books are scattered throughout the world of EUO. For the most part they cannot be bought - however after some particular quests, there is a set volume of written articles that can be purchased as reprints from the Library. After obtaining a book, it can be read at any time by pressing r.

Here are a couple of visual examples of works that may be seen in the world.




On January 10, 2010, Egg held a forum-competition for writing literature for euo to be read in game. Many members participated. The winner was Grue, who wrote an epic tale of a "Journal of Gunter the Lost," divided into several parts. The competition had many other books and writers that were accepted, but there was only one winner.


Food can be found or bought. Food includes meat, cheese, bread and fish.


Knowledge of reagents is not necessary unless you have an interest in Alchemy. Some reagents can be bought, and some can only be found. Reagents include blood moss, sulphurous ash, black pearls, ginseng, garlic, spider's silk, mandrake and nightshade. More on reagents here.

Weapons and Armour


Melee Weapon Where Sold # of Hands Skill Weight Req. Strength Speed Damage Type Base Damage Price Resale Value
Staff Provisioner 1 Staves 2.0 16.8 2.3 B 1-4 100gp 33gp
Gnarled Staff tba 1 Staves 2.0 14.0 2.3 B 1-4 100gp 33gp
Shillelagh Provisioner 1 Staves 2.0 16.8 1.7 B 1-3 150gp 50gp
Crook Provisioner 1 Staves 2.0 16.8 2.1 B 1-4 250gp 83gp
Brass Knuckles Weaponsmith 1 Unarmed 2.0 16.8 1.5 B 1-3 500gp 133gp
Katar Weaponsmith 1 Unarmed 2.0 16.8 1.5 P 1-3 600gp 200gp
Neko de Weaponsmith 1 Unarmed 2.0 16.8 1.5 S 1-3 700gp 233gp
Club Weaponsmith 1 Maces 2.0 16.8 1.8 B 1-5 100gp 33gp
Mace Weaponsmith 1 Maces 4.0 33.6 2.4 B 1-8 300gp 100gp
Flail Weaponsmith 1 Maces 4.0 33.6 2.3 B 2-8 350gp 150gp
Morning Star Weaponsmith 1 Maces 4.0 33.6 2.1 B 1-9 600gp 200gp
Lucern Hammer Weaponsmith 2 Maces 7.0 58.8 2.9 B 2-12 700gp 233gp
War Hammer Weaponsmith 2 Maces 6.0 50.4 2.8 B 2-14 950gp 316gp
Great Maul Weaponsmith 2 Maces 8.0 67.2 3.5 B 3-18 1,200gp 400gp
Dagger Weaponsmith 1* Short Swords 1.5 12.6 1.5 P 1-4 100gp 33gp
Main Gauche Weaponsmith 1* Short Swords 2.0 16.8 1.5 P 1-5 350gp 116gp
Short Sword Weaponsmith 1* Short Swords 3.0 25.2 2.0 S 1-6 550gp 183gp
Rondel Weaponsmith 1* Short Swords 3.0 21.0 2.0 P 1-7 800gp 266gp
Machete tba 1 Shortswords 3.0 21.0 2.4 S 1-8 800gp 266gb
Cleaver Weaponsmith 1 Axes 1.5 10.5 1.6 S 1-4 100gp 33gp
Hatchet Weaponsmith 1 Axes 1.5 12.6 1.8 S 1-5 250gp 83gp
Tomahawk Weaponsmith 1 Axes 1.6 11.2 1.8 S 1-7 500gp 166gp
2H Axe Weaponsmith 2 Axes 6.0 50.4 2.4 S 1-11 900gp 300gp
Labrys Weaponsmith 2 Axes 6.0 42.0 2.8 S 3-12 850gp 283gp
Kryss Weaponsmith 1 Foils 3.0 25.2 1.6 P 1-6 550gp 183gp
Sabre Weaponsmith 1 Foils 3.0 25.2 1.5 P 1-6 650gp 216gp
Epee Weaponsmith 1 Foils 3.0 21.0 1.6 P 1-7 850gp 283gp
Rapier Weaponsmith 1 Foils 3.0 25.2 1.5 P 1-7 950gp 316gp
Hoe Weaponsmith 2 Polearms 2.0 16.8 2.3 S 2-10 100gp 33gp
Trident tba 1 Polearms 2.0 14.0 2.3 P 2-10 100gp 33gp
Glaive Weaponsmith 2 Polearms 5.5 16.8 2.2 S 2-10 550gp 183gp
Spear Weaponsmith 1 Polearms 5.0 42.0 2.2 P 1-9 700gp 233gp
Scythe Weaponsmith 2 Polearms 5.0 42.0 2.4 S 3-12 1,050gp 350gp
Halberd Weaponsmith 2 Polearms 8.0 67.2 2.8 S 3-18 1,100gp 366gp
Long Sword Weaponsmith 1 Long Swords 4.0 33.6 2.2 S 1-8 400gp 133gp
Scimitar Weaponsmith 1 Long Swords 3.5 33.6 2.2 S 2-8 400gp 133gp
Falchion Weaponsmith 1 Long Swords 4.5 31.5 2.1 S 2-8 450gp 150gp
Bastard Sword Weaponsmith 1 Long Swords 4.5 37.8 2.4 S 1-9 550gp 183gp
Broad Sword Weaponsmith 1 Long Swords 5.5 46.2 2.1 S 1-9 750gp 250gp
Claymore Weaponsmith 2 Long Swords 6.0 50.4 3.2 S 2-16 1,000gp 333gp
Sling Bowyer 1 Ranged 1.7 14.3 1.8 B 1-3 100gp 33gp
Short Bow Bowyer 2 Ranged 2.0 16.8 1.5 P 1-4 200gp 66gp
Long Bow Bowyer 2 Ranged 3.0 25.2 1.9 P 1-6 400gp 133gp
Crossbow Bowyer 2 Ranged 4.0 33.6 2.6 P 2-10 600gp 200gp
Musket N/A 2 Ranged 2.0  ??? 8.0 ?B? 1-8 N/A N/A

A weapon with a 1* Indicates weapon can be dual wielded.

B is Bludgeoning, S is Slashing, and P is Piercing


Item Where Sold Protected Area Weight Req. Strength Grade Defense Price Resale Value
Gi(Torso) Tailor Torso 0.5 4.2 Unarmored 0.0 70gp 23gp
Robes Tailor Torso 0.5 4.2 Unarmored 0.0 70gp 23gp
Padded Shirt Tailor Torso 1.0 8.4 Light 1.0 90gp 30gp
Leather Armour Tailor Torso 1.5 12.6 Light 1.5 180gp 60gp
Leather Tunic Tailor Torso 2.0 11.9 Light 2.0 220gp 73gp
Ringmail Armoury Torso 2.0 16.8 Medium 2.5 250gp 83gp
Scalemail Armoury Torso 3.0 25.2 Medium 3.0 400gp 133gp
Chainmail Armoury Torso 2.5 21.0 Medium 3.5 600gp 200gp
Splintmail Armoury Torso 4.0 33.6 Heavy 4.0 800gp 266gp
Platemail Armoury Torso 6.0 50.4 Heavy 5.0 1,000gp 333gp
Field Plate Armoury Torso 4.0 33.6 Heavy 6.0 2,000gp 666gp
Gi(Legs) Tailor Legs 0.5 4.2 Unarmored 0.0 15gp 5gp
Padded Leggings Tailor Legs 0.5 8.4 Light 0.5 60gp 20gp
Leather Leggings Tailor Legs 1.0 8.4 Light 1.0 100gp 33gp
Chain Leggings Armoury Legs 2.0 16.8 Medium 2.0 300gp 100gp
Greaves Armoury Legs 3.0 25.2 Heavy 3.0 450gp 150gp
Cap Tailor Head 0.5 4.2 Unarmored 0.0 35gp 11gp
Leather Helm Tailor Head 1.0 8.4 Light 1.0 70gp 23gp
Chain Coif Armoury Head 1.5 12.6 Medium 1.5 150 gp 50gp
Full Helm Armoury Head 2.0 16.8 Heavy 2.0 250gp 83gp
Horned Helm Armoury Head 2.0 16.8 Heavy 2.0 280gp 93gp
Gloves Tailor Hands 0.5 4.2 Unarmored 0.0 25gp 8gp
Leather Gloves Tailor Hands 1.0 8.4 Light 1.0 45gp 15gp
Chain Gloves Armoury Hands 1.5 12.6 Medium 1.5 160gp 53gp
Gauntlets Armoury Hands 2.0 16.8 Heavy 2.0 190gp 63gp
Swamp Boots Provisioner Feet 1.0 8.4 Unarmored 0.0 300gp 100gp
Padded Boots Tailor Feet 0.5 4.2 Light 0.5 70gp 23gp
Leather Boots Tailor Feet 1.0 8.4 Light 1.0 80gp 26gp
Chain Boots Armoury Feet 1.5 10.5 Medium 1.5 130gp 43gp
Plate Boots Armoury Feet 2.0 16.8 Heavy 2.0 350gp 116gp
Buckler Armoury Shield 1.0 8.4 Light Block 120gp 40gp
Small Shield Armoury Shield 1.5 12.6 Light Block 160gp 53gp
Large Shield Armoury Shield 2.0 16.8 Heavy Block 250gp 83gp
Kite Shield Armoury Shield 3.0 16.8 Heavy Block 260gp 86gp
Heater Shield Armoury Shield 2.5 21.0 Heavy Block 300gp 100gp
Tower Shield Armoury Shield 4.0 25.2 Heavy Block 400gp 133gp
Spiked Collar Jeweller Neck 0.5 3.5 Light 1.0 150gp 50gp
Necklace Jeweller Neck 0.1
Amulet Jeweller Neck 0.1
Ankh Jeweller Neck 0.1
Ring Jeweller Finger 0.1