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Rune Words

All magical incantations are made up from one or more Rune words, or syllables which are written in the Old Sosarian Runic alphabet. Rune words were a separate language from the spoken Old Sosarian language which resembled Old English.

Rune words form part of the secret language of power and each Rune word has its own distinct meaning. Sosarian Magic makes use of a combination of Rune words which are representative of the desired spell effect. Refer to Magic and Spellcasting to see how these Rune words are used in combination for the various magic spells.

Here is a table of the known Rune words:

Rune word meaning
An negate, reverse, anti-
Bet small, little
Corp death, opposite of life
Des down, descend
Ex freedom, release, unbind
Flam fire, flames
Grav energy, force
Hur wind, breath
In create, invoke
Jux danger, threaten, trap
Kal call, summon
Lor light, illumination
Mani life, health, healing
Nox poison, venom
Ort magic, power
Por movement, travel
Quas illusion, confusion, misdirection
Rel change, shift
Sanct protect, shield
Tym time, temporal
Uus up, ascend
Vas greater, stronger
Wis wisdom, knowledge
Xen creature, other person
Ylem matter, substance, form
Zu sleep