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Enchanting is the skill of creating magic items with a wide variety of special effects. Enchanting currently functions like most other skills, ie: use an enchanting wand with the appropriate ingredients in your inventory, and choose from a list of items you have the skill and ingredients to create. As with most other skills, a highly skilled enchanter will not gain skill crafting simple items.

Enchantable Item List

Item Ingredients Effects Min Skill %
Peergem Dull red shard, ruby provides a view of the map of the surrounding area 0
Magic Torch Dull blue shard, torch torch with bigger light radius 0
Enchanted Wood Dull red shard, log used for making wands 4
Enchanted Cheese Dull blue shard, cheese feeds and buffs strength by 15% 10
Magic Magnifying Glass Dim red shard, magnifying glass identify any item, 20% chance to break 16
Magic Sextant Dim blue shard, sextant sextant that works underground 22
Dust of Disappearance Dim blue shard, shadow dust temporary invisibility (like a black potion) 28
Dim Blue Shard Bright blue shard used for enchanting 30
Dim Red Shard Bright red shard used for enchanting 30
Orb of Mana Bright blue shard, orb off-hand item, +10% mana, breaks when you die 34
Orb of Health Bright red shard, orb off-hand item, +10% HP, breaks when you die 40
Enchanted Carrot Dull blue shard, carrot feeds and gives a +3 bonus to nightvision 40
Orb of Power Bright red shard, orb off-hand item, +3 AS, breaks when you die 46
Burning Wand Bright red shard, enchanted wood, essence of fire casts flame wind (IFH), 15% chance to break 52
Healing Ward Bright blue shard, cloth x2, lumber x2, mega yellow pot creates a stationary helper for serious battles 58
Wand of Pet Constitution Brilliant red shard, enchanted wood, essence of rage permanently buffs a pet (single use) 60
Clay Figurine Bright red shard, wet clay summons an earth golem 64
Ring of Regeneration Bright blue shard, untinted gold ring 3% of max HP every 3 seconds, breaks when you die 70
Lightning Rod Brilliant red shard, enchanted wood, essence of lightning casts lightning (OG), 15% chance to break 76
Belt of Regeneration Bright blue shard, Belt 3% of max HP every 3 seconds, doesn't break 80
Vermilion Brilliant red shard, essence of fire x10 Enchants weapon with VF spell 80
Wand of Pet Intelligence Brilliant blue shard, enchanted wood, essence of rage permanently buffs a pet (single use) 82
Fire Ward Brilliant red shard, cloth x2, lumber x2, essence of fire creates a stationary helper for serious battles 88
Crystal Ball Brilliant blue shard, orb, blank scroll crystal ball tile for player housing 94
Crystal Golem  ??? powerful pet for enchanters 100
Rod of Power (gold)  ??? magical weapon 100
Wand of Magic Amplification Brilliant red shard, brilliant blue shard, enchanted wood, essence of magic Wand that increases some item enchancements 100

Soul Shards

Creating enchanted items usually requires charged soul shards. In general, the stronger the enchant, the brighter the shard (or shards) required. Stronger monsters drop brighter shards.

Soul shards will start off as blanks (or uncharged), ie, not dim, dull etc. To make a soul shard useable for enchanting, a player skilled in magery must cast the Soul Trap spell (In Mani Jux or create life trap) on a monster, and if it dies within 30 seconds, it will drop a charged soul shard, of random color. The charge on the shard will depend on the strength of the monster killed. The killer of the monster must have blank shards in their inventory in order for a charged shard to be created.

Enchanting wands can reduce the brilliance of charged shards, deconstruction wands can enhance the brilliance of shards (at cost of 2/3rds of the shards).

Blank shards are available for purchase at certain stores.

Enchanting Ingredients

Enchanting ingredients now cover a very broad range of items. Ingredients may be basic items which have uses outside of enchanting, such as torches, or may include raw ingredients also used in other crafting skills, such as alchemy. There are a few items which are only used in enchanting recipes:

  • enchanted wood: made with enchanting
  • essence of fire: made with alchemy (from glowing embers dropped by fire dragons and fire golems)
  • essence of lightning: made with alchemy (from hydra fangs dropped by hydras)
  • essence of rage: made with alchemy (from minotaur hearts dropped by minotaur chiefs)
  • essense of magic: made with alchemy (from magic spleens, butchered from some magic creatures)
  • gems: found when mining
  • orb: found during adventures
  • ring (untinted): made with tinkering (from gold nuggets dropped by zorns, and found when mining)
  • wet clay: dropped by an earth golem


Disenchanting will decrease or remove an enchant from a weapon or armour, leaving just the basic item. Disenchanting is performed with a disenchanting wand. To disenchant an item, drop it on the ground and use the disenchanting wand on it.

For example. If you have a Longsword +2 and you disenchant it, it will become a Longsword +1. Disenchant it again and it will become a normal Longsword.

Crystal Golems

The Grand Master Enchanter can create her/his own pet: a Crystal Golem.

The recipe is a closely guarded secret, but it is known to include gems from disenchanting, and a golem power crystal.

Power crystals can be found after other golems have been rendered inoperative, but finding a crystal undamaged will prove a difficult task.

Once the golem is crafted, an inanimate golem will be in the enchanter's inventory. Use this and it will spring to life. If the tinker has no pet already, then this golem will become their new pet. If the tinker has a pet already, then the golem will be a neutral creature which will disappear after a time.

Golems may be fed by using (shift+u) more power crystals on it, however this is unnecessary as golems never get unhappy or wander off.

Wand of Amplification

Wand crafted by GM enchanting, increases +def on wearables by +1 up to +4, on weapons +1 up to +5, dex/str/int up to +15. Only works on tints: plain, runed, addled, copper, silver, gold, venomous or blackrock tints.

Wand of Transference

A rare monster drop, the Wand of Transference (single use) allows you to swap the + enchantment between two items of the same type at the cost of a 90% chance of reducing both items' charges by 1. This requires having both a high enough enchant skill and charged shards in your inventory, and the items being improved can only have; plain, runed, addled, copper, silver, gold, venomous or blackrock tints.

A Wand of Transference CANNOT be used on enchanted or leeching weapons.

For example:

- On the ground drop a blackrock staff+2 and a longsword+7 in a pile
- have the correctly charged soul gem in your inventory
- zap the pile with the Wand of Transference
- the enchants are swapped and you get a blackrock staff+6 and a longsword+1 !

Note: make sure that the wand isn't cursed or the wand will be wasted.