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Tinkering is all about making tools, provisions, and other bits and pieces used by the other crafting professions. If you can't buy it from a provisioner chances are you'll need a tinker to make it.


Tinkering requires a tinker's toolkit, a combined collection of various crafting tools, which is available from a provisioner.

Making items, like most crafting, can be repeated with F11.

Raw Materials

Tinkers require one of the most diverse set of materials to work, drawing their parts from several other crafts. Items such as ingots, poles and brass sheets are manufactured, mesh and leather can be purchased, whereas raw glass must be collected.


These are the regular ingots that are smelted from ordinary ore by your average miner / metallurgist. Many experienced Tinkers will also be good miners due to their constant demand for basic metal ingredients.


Poles are easily made from logs by anyone with basic woodcrafting skills. As with smelting ingots, many Tinkers have a rudimentary knowledge of to ensure a steady supply of poles.

Raw Glass

Raw glass can be found by hunting for sand traps in the desert regions of New Sosaria. Beware, for they have quite a bite.

Brass and Silver Sheets

A trained Weaponsmith or Armourer can hammer ingots into sheets. Currently they are able to hammer brass and silver ingots into brass and silver sheets respectively.

Tinkering Recipes

The tinkering recipes are broken up into three sections: basic items, jewelry and crafting tools. The last set contains all of the tinted tools required by crafts such as weaponsmithing and making armour.

Use (u) your tinker's toolkit with the necessary raw ingredients in your inventory to craft an item.

Basic Items

These items are essentially complete and are used by other trades and crafts to facilitate their skills.

Purpose Item Ingredients Min Skill %
fishing fishing rod pole 0
superior fishing rod pole 35
mining mining pick ingot + pole 10
tailoring scissors ingot 25
studs ingot 55
item lore magnifying glass brass sheet + lens 45
adventuring shovel ingot + pole 20
security probe x3 brass sheet 40
lockpick x3 brass sheet 50
alchemy jar raw glass x2 15
sieve brass sheet + mesh 55
alembic raw glass + silver sheet 65
flask (empty) raw glass x2 70
vial x3 raw glass 75
reinforced flask flask (empty) + silver sheet 80
dragonscale saw silver sheet + blackrock 85
ammo bullet ingot 20
tinkering lens raw glass 30
carpentry* nails ingot 60
mirror raw glass x5 90

* carpentry comes under Woodcrafting


Jewelry is made with a tinker's toolkit. It is quite limited at this stage with gold ring being the only craftable piece, which is used by the enchanter.

Purpose Item Ingredients Min Skill %
enchanting gold ring gold nugget 30

Crafting tools

The tinker is responsible for making all of the tools required by the tailor, the metallurgist, the Weaponsmith and the Armourer to make their items. A tinker can make all these tools, as they may or may not be for sale from a shoppe. See item materials for more info.

Tool Ingredients Min Skill %
Smelting Tongs ingot 30
Smith's Hammer ingot + pole 30
Armourer's Hammer ingot + pole 30

For Tailors and their sewing kits, it is similar:

Tool Ingredients Min Skill %
Sewing Kit ingot 30

For carpentry:

Tool Ingredients Min Skill %
Carpenter's Hammer ingots x2 + pole 25
Saw ingot + log 35

Other Items

Item Tool Ingredients Min Skill %
Silver Filing Use Smooth Cut File Silver ingot 0

Brass Golems

The Grand Master Tinker can now create her/his own pet: a brass golem.

Ingredients required:

  • 50 regular ingots
  • 50 brass ingots
  • 10 brass sheets
  • 1 golem power crystal.

The power crystal can be found perhaps on the corpse of another non-functioning golem, but finding a crystal undamaged will prove a difficult task.

Once the golem is crafted, an inanimate golem will be in the tinker's inventory. Drop this item on the ground and it will spring to life. If the tinker has no pet already, then this golem will become their new pet. If the tinker has a pet already, then the golem will be a neutral creature which will disappear after a time.

To feed your golem, use (shift+u) golem power crystals on it. Think of it as recharging your golem rather than feeding it. However this practice of recharging isn't actually necessary in order to keep your golem in working condition.