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New Sosaria has a number of towns, both major and minor, in which you can restock provisions, buy weapons & armour, bind to (for when a scroll of town portal is used, and for resurrecting in), and find healing. The list of towns, in rough order from west to east in location on the continent are:

Towns of New Sosaria


This is the town that any new character will start in and where most players are bound to. The resurrection circle is in the south-east corner of town. In the centre of town, there is a well that many people hang around at to chat. Nordhaven is also the home of the museum. There is also a cemetery, the entrance to the The Sewers and the Thieves' Guild.

Accessed via a secret entrance, the museum shows off many of the items that can be found around New Sosaria. It is rumoured that a new hall of heroic artifacts and items is soon to be built, moved from Kybare's collection in Bakyre. These items are now deemed far too unstable and powerful to be wielded safely, but were once used by various heroes.

Port Izumi

Port Izumi is a walled city that was founded on two things: the port and the old mine. Unfortunately, the old mines have since been abandoned. The port, on the other hand, is still active and you can take a boat to either Dryden or Buccaneer's Den.

Bartertown (East and West)

The two Bartertowns, one located in the East of New Sosaria and one in the West are the major market places for players to sell items to each other. Here adventurers can hire npc merchants (for the cost of a Player Merchants scroll) to hawk the products of their labour to potential customers.


Bakyre is a town built entirely due to, and supported by, the ocean. There are no roads leading into Bakyre and the residents would like to keep it this way. However, there is a large dock that can support several ships. In fact, the HMS Bakyre is often seen in port or patroling the local waters. Usually Bakyre has a large number of visitors, but unfortunately the stormy season prevents passenger ships from entering or leaving the port.

Mon Ferrato

Mon Ferrato has undergone quite a bit of growth recently. Not long ago, it was barely a villae with few shoppes and even fewer residents, but the creation of a player-run market seems to have spurred on the economy in the area. Additionally, there are now several houses owned by players in the north-eastern quarter of the town. There is also a boat that will take travellers to Shoreline.

The Resort

The Resort is called as such mostly because almost every building is owned by players.


Kingswood is a village located roughly in the bottom-middle of New Sosaria. Not only does it have its fair shair of mercantile, but also quite a number of player owned houses. It also features a connecting ferry service that can take the travel weary adventurer across the poles to Shoreline.


Nestled on the far mid-west of the continent of Tanelorne, Seftonvale is a walled village providing some simple amenities. Of some interest is the Orc Provisioner.


Cammerata is the auxiliary town next to Cammerata Keep built by Lord Byron.

Montor, East and West

In the south of Tanelorne lies the twin towns of Montor.


Braemere is the town that contains most of the player housing, where well to do adventurers of Sossaria put their feet up and display their ill-gotten loot.


Dryden is a small coastal community with a connecting seafaring passenger service to the towns of Port Izumi and Dulwich. The first time you want to get to Dryden, you will have to travel their by foot or raft. Tickets between Dryden and Port Izumi may be obtained in Dryden. The town offers a special store called Ikea. It sells everything that is needed to build and furnish a house. Mounts for traveling can be bought at the stables.

Buccaneer's Den

Buccaneer's Den is an unruly haven for pirates and other riff-raff. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The merchants on this island will stoop so low to even deal with criminals, and this is the only town in New Sosaria where this is the case. Not even the town's proximity to the Shrine of Humility seems to have an effect on the general lawlessness of the place.

To get there, either catch a boat from Port Izumi or float on a raft, contiki style. Note that you need a specific ticket to travel from Port Izumi via ship. Ask around town.


Apart from the usual spattering of merchants, the main feature of Shorleine is the now deserted (and occasionally haunted) Great Northern Hotel. Also of note is Steven the armourer, who sells magic shields, and the ferry services that can cart the seasoned traveller to not only Shoreline's sister village of Kingswood, but also the ever expanding towne of Mon Ferrato on the eastern edge of Mirkwood. Tickets to those towns are apparently at a premium, but talking to the shipwright and the guards might prove useful in obtaining tickets.

Chester Hill

Chester Hill is a small village containing player housings and two unique stores. One sells farming and brewing articles and the another sells house keys.


A harbor town located near the desert, offering housing for players and a ship connection to Dryden.

Marrickville, Evandale, and Darbrough

Small unorganized estates where player can claim a piece of land to build a house. To claim the land they have to buy a house deed from a scribe for 50.000 gold pieces first.

Towns of Maeondir

Castle Farimond

Farimond is a castle with several residents (mostly servants to the king and queen). Basically, it is home of Lord and Lady Farimond and their subjects, and is one of two castles in Maeondir. It contains a few shops as well as a hard-to-find dungeon.

Sandy Valley

Sandy Valley is a bustling and lively town, that's also heavily diverse in ethnicity. Here one can buy randomized + gear as well as various crafting goods. The city's denizens often come and go by their own schedules, and guards patrol the streets. Sandy Valley is the main settlement of Meaondir and thus is extremity fortified from attacks.

Traders' Outpost

This town is located on a bridge to the desert. It is a guarded place for player housing, and is essentially like the Resort or Braemere of New Sosaria.