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Types of Cloth and Leather

There are 4 types of cloth, with different properties:

  • normal
  • silverweave -> reflects damage taken from undead a little (not unlike silver)
  • goldweave -> acts as a lightsource, slightly increased defense (not unlike gold)
  • darkweave -> more defense (not unlike blackrock)

There are 3 types of leather, with different properties:

  • normal
  • boiled -> lighter, more defense
  • studded -> even more defense

Silverweave, goldweave, darkweave, boiled and studded are known as tints or materials. More info on Item Materials here.

How to make Tinted Cloth and Leather

Tinted cloth is made by a skilled tailor with a sewing kit by combining regular cloth with tinted thread.

Tinted Thread

Tinted thread can be made by alchemically combining spiders silk with various ingredients. Gold nuggets for goldweave, silver ore for silverweave and treated blackrock for darkweave. Ask an Alchemist to create tinted thread.

Tinted Leather

Leather and boiled leather is made out of cowhide by a tailor simply by using scissors. Studded leather is made by combining studs and boiled leather by a skilled tailor using a sewing kit. Studs can be made by a skilled tinker from ingots.

Making Regular Items

Simply have either leather or cloth in your inventory, and use (u) a sewing kit. You'll need leather to make leather items and cloth to make cloth items of course.

Basic Tailoring List

Item Tool Needed Ingredients Min Skill %
Bandage x5 Scissors cloth 0
Leather x3 Scissors cowhide 0
Goldweave Cloth Sewing Kit goldweave thread + cloth 10
Swamp Boots Sewing Kit leather x4 25
Silverweave Cloth Sewing Kit silverweave thread + cloth 15
Boiled Leather x3 Scissors cowhide 15
Studded Leather Sewing Kit boiled leather + studs 30
Darkweave Cloth Sewing Kit darkweave thread + cloth 30
Spiked Collar Sewing Kit studded leather 35
Belt Sewing Kit leather 30

Cloth Armours

Armour Ingredients Min Skill %
Cap cloth 0
Gloves cloth 4
Padded Boots cloth x2 8
Robe cloth x2 11
Gi (Torso) cloth x3 14
Gi (Legs) cloth x3 16
Padded Shirt cloth x4 18
Padded Leggings cloth x4 20

Leather Armours

Armour Ingredients Min Skill %
Leather Helm leather 7
Leather Gloves leather 10
Leather Boots leather x2 13
Leather Armour leather x4 16
Leather Leggings leather x4 18
Leather Tunic leather x5 20

Tinted Items and Magic Items

A GM tailor can make a unarmed glove weapon called Infernal Hand Wraps, with +5 AS, +2 MR and the Vas Flam enchant.

Item Tool Needed Ingredients Min Skill %
Infernal Hand Wraps Sewing kit cloth, gloves of attack +5, glowing ember x10 100

Please see the Advanced Crafting page for more info on tailoring tinted and magic armour.

Misc Notes

  • Spiked collars (necklace) are made from studded leather using a normal sewing kit.