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Weaponsmithing is all about skilfully crafting metal into the various weapons of war. It is brother to the Armourer skill and related to Tinkering.


Crafting and repairing metal weapons is performed with a smiths hammer on an anvil with smelted ingots and, occasionally poles and leather.

Raw Materials

Smelting Ingots

Ingots can be smelted from ore by a miner / metallurgist who are also required to dig the ore out of a mountain.

Types of Ingots

There are six types of metal ingots that can all be smelted by a miner / metallurgist and smithed into weapons:

  • ordinary
  • copper
  • silver
  • gold
  • venomous

How to make tinted Ingots

Venomous and blackrock ingots are made by alchemically treating the raw ore with various ingredients before it gets smelted into ingots. More on treating and alchemy here.


Poles are made by woodcrafters from logs. They are used in the manufacture of a few weapons that have long wooden shafts, such as spears and halberds.


Leather is used for a handful of the unarmed class weapons. Sheets of leather can be purchased from the Tailor.

Crafting Items

Use (u) a smiths hammer on an anvil to craft items from available ingots in your inventory. There is a skill premium required to craft tinted items - the Advanced Crafting page has more information.

Weaponsmithing, like most crafting skills, can be repeated with F11.

Weaponsmithing can be used to make metal weapons like swords, axes and maces from ingots as well as combined metal and wood items like halberds and spears from ingots and poles and combined metal and leather items like the 'unarmed' neko do.

Weaponsmiths may also hammer certain ingots into sheets of metal for tinkers to work with.

Ingot Sheets Min Skill %
Brass Ingot Brass Sheets x4 20
Silver Ingot Silver Sheets x4 35

Item List

Here is a list of items that can be made from ordinary ingots (plus extras, if required) along with their minimum skill requrements.

Item Ingredients Min Skill %
Hoe ingot + pole 0
Hatchet ingot + pole 0
Dagger ingot 0
Cleaver ingot 1
Sling leather 1
Long Sword ingots x4 2
Tomahawk ingot + pole 2
Brass Knuckles ingots x2 3
Scimitar ingots x4 3
Labrys ingots x5 + pole 4
Spear ingot + pole 4
Mace ingots x3 5
Neko De ingots x2 + leather 5
Bastard Sword ingots x4 5
Flail ingots x3 6
Glaive ingots x2 + pole 6
Falchion ingots x4 7
Katar ingots x2 + leather 8
Sabre ingots x3 9
Short Sword ingots x3 10
2H Axe ingots x4 + pole 11
Lucern Hammer ingots x4 11
Main Gauche ingots x2 12
Broad Sword ingots x4 12
Morning Star ingots x4 13
Scythe ingots x2 + pole 14
Kryss ingots x3 15
Rapier ingots x3 16
Warhammer ingots x4 17
Great Maul ingots x4 18
Trident ingots x4 + pole 18
Claymore ingots x10 19
Epee ingots x3 19
Halberd ingots x4 + pole 20
Rondel ingots x2 20
Machete ingots x3 20

Tinted Items and Magic Items

Please see the Advanced Crafting page for more info on crafting magic weapons and tinted weapons.