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New Sosaria is inhabited by a wide variety of monsters and beasts. Nearly all of them are dangerous. Many monsters fall into races or groups that include variants that can use missile weapons or cast spells.

The monsters are not stupid, many of them will retreat if badly wounded or keep their distance if using a ranged weapon. Even their spellcasting allies will heal them during a fight. The most dangerous monsters will also summon aid such as undead, or even hellspawn.

Occasionally you will encounter a so-called boss monster, which will be stronger, healthier and more deadly. There is little to tell them apart from their bretheren on sighting them, however, once you begin combat with a boss, their name will appear above them. Also, being the strongest of their kind, boss monsters will nearly always be holding treasure.

Many monsters are also resistant or even immune to certain spells or abilites. Learning which types of attacks and spells are best for dealing with particular denizens is part of the fun.


Here is a partial list of the many monsters that inhabit the land. Keep your eye out for twisted variants of other monsters, or beasts that have acclimatised to different environments.


Little more than annoyances with no evil intent, these creatures will attack to defend their territory, or because they are hungry. Be wary of the venomous creatures, for they can poison you and without a cure you will quickly die.


  • Insect Swarms, Rats, Spiders, Snakes, Bats, Slimes


Other occupants of New Sosaria who make a living by preying on the merchants and travellers that travel the land. While easy when encountered individually by a prepared adventurer, be on the lookout for camps and hideouts where they collect in numbers.


  • Artful Dodgers, Highwaymen, Bandits, Rogues, Pirates


From tiny and annoying to monstrous and deadly, these races have been driven back by the civilised occupants of New Sosaria into the forests, mountains and caves. Usually tolerant of or subservient to each other, they form loose tribes united in their common hatred of mankind. Take note that some humanoids are trained in the dark arts and will summon aid, heal their allies or pummel you with deadly spells.


  • Goblins, Gremlins, Orcs, Trolls, Cyclops, Ogres, Ettins, Minotaurs


Weird and twisted creations from a former age, the underbeasts have no place in the natural order but have forced themselves into the Sosarian ecology. Their magical nature and bizarre appearances masks their varied abilities. Be particularly wary of mimics who take malicious delight in surprising adventurous rogues who hunt the depths for treasure.


  • Gazers, Headlesses, Reapers, Mimics, Mongbats

Sea Creatures

These creatures are confined to the sea and therefore cannot chase anyone on land. While this may seem like an advantage to anyone who encounters them, beware: some possess powerful attacks which may harm or kill before you can reach them.


  • Sea Serpents, Nixies, Sea Horses, Giant Squids, Sharks


Dead and decaying creatures held together by magic or by even darker arts. Mindlessly animated or driven by sheer force of will they are feared even by other monsters. Be particularly wary of the stronger undead, who have the power to raise more of their lifeless allies or who can suck the life out of you to heal themselves. Silver weapons and armour are the best way of dealing with these abominations.


  • Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies, Ghosts, Ghouls, Wights, Skeleton Warriors, Phantoms, Vampires, Liches, Demi Liches


Torn from their natural plane of existence and coerced into service in this realm, hellspawn are the foulest of corruptions. All hellspawn are powerful spellcasters, making use of the elemental forces to strike or bind hapless adventurers. Beware, for hellspawn can gate in other hellspawn to aid them and if left unchecked things can rapidly get out of control as their numbers multiply.


  • Imps, Mephits, Devils, Daemons, Balrons


Wyrmkind are the greatest of the beasts. They inhabit a deadly variety of lairs which are always guarded by 'lesser' beasts and filled with treasure. The mightiest of wyrmkind are the dragons which also come in a variety of types, or colours, each with their own strengths and abilities. Dragons are also excellent spellcasters and will use a wide range of spells to aid them.


  • Basilisks, Fire Lizards, Hydras, Drakes, Dragons