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New Sosaria is the name of the overworld continent in EUO where almost all of the townes, dungeons and shrines are located. It is made up of two basic subcontinents: Sosaria West (which extends all the way from the Shrine of Compassion in the far northwest to Seftonvale in the center) and Tanelorne in the east (which starts at Seftonvale in the center extending east to the desert, including Buccaneer's Den and the Isle of the Avatar in the far southeast).

Coordinates are expressed in latitude and longitude, in the format X' Y". If you have a sextant, you can "u"se it to find your location. Alternatively you may cast the spell In Wis to find your location.

Maps of New Sosaria

This map of New Sosaria shows the most recently added townes and dungeons

New Sosaria - click to enlarge.

This map of New Sosaria shows the location of the townes and shrines.

New Sosaria - click to enlarge.

This alternative map of New Sosaria shows the location of townes, dungeons and other places of interest.

New Sosaria - click to enlarge.

History and other Fun Facts

  • Sosaria West was the orginal EUO continent (known then as Sossaria (with extra s)) - Tanelorne was discovered some time later by Dvalin.
  • Sosaria West and Tanelorne are both very loosely based on Britannia
  • The original five towns were Nordhausen, Izumi, Mon Ferrato, An Najaf (which simply disappeared) and Bayside (which was subsequently invaded and destroyed by large humanoids).