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Mining and metallurgy is the dirty job of harvesting raw metallic ore and smelting it into ingots ready for craftsmen to turn into tools, weapons and armour.


Mining for ore is done by using a mining pick on mountains. Smelting ingots from ore is done with smelting tongs on a brazier.

Mining ore

Use (u) a mining pick on an area of mountains on the main continent to get ore. If all you're doing is 'loosening the rocks' then try a different patch of mountain. You cannot mine the high peaks or any other form of rocky terrain.

The ore in mountains comes in 'veins' that will yield different types, or tints, of ore. Each vein can be exhausted by mining, but they will regenerate over time. If you mine a section of mountain dry, then move on to a different mountain.

Mining, like most actions, can be repeated with F9

Types of ore

There are eight types of ore. The following six types can be found in mountains. Your skill in mining will determine whether you can find non-ordinary ores.

Ore Types Min Skill %
Ordinary Ore 0
Gold Nugget 0
Copper Ore 30
Zinc Ore 45
Silver Ore 60
Mithril Ore 60
Blackrock (Raw) 80

Note: Mithril can only be mined by a Dwarf

How to make Venomous ore

Venomous ore is made by alchemically treating regular ore with various ingredients. More on treating and alchemy here.

Blackrock vs Blackrock Ore

Raw blackrock is magically unstable and must be treated by an alchemist before it can be smelted.


  • blackrock: mined raw material
  • blackrock ore: refined ore suitable for smelting into ingots

Ask an Alchemist to convert your blackrock into blackrock ore, but be warned, the process is difficult and the ingredients are rare.

Gold Nuggets

The sharp reader might have noticed that there is no gold ore in the list. Gold in its raw forms can occasionally be dug up from any vein as gold nuggets.

Smelting Metals

Use (u) your smelting tongs on a brazier to smelt ingots from available ore inventory. There is a skill premium required to smelt tinted ingots.

NOTE: Ore is smelted into ingots in batches of five. If you have less than five pieces of ore, you will not be able to smelt the ingots.

Most of the different types of ore match up with the types of ingots, with the exception of steel, which is made from iron and ash, and brass which is a special mixture between copper and zinc. Brass is used exclusively by tinkers in the making of various tools and items, it cannot be used to make weapons and armour. More on the different metals here.

Smelting List

Here is a list of ingots that can be smelted from the various ores, along with their minimum skill requrements:

Item Crafted Ingredients Tool Used Min Skill %
Ingots x5 ore x5 Smelting Tongs 0
Gold Coins x50 gold nugget Smelting Tongs 10
Gold Ingots x1 gold nugget x10 Smelting Tongs 10
Copper Ingots x5 copper ore x5 Smelting Tongs 20
Brass Ingots x10 copper ore x7 + zinc ore x3 Smelting Tongs 25
Silver Ingots x5 silver ore x5 Smelting Tongs 30
Venomous Ingots x5 venomous ore x5 Smelting Tongs 35
Steel Ingots x5 ore x5 + ash x5 Smelting Tongs 35
Blackrock Ingots x5 blackrock ore x5 Smelting Tongs 40
Mithril Ingots! x5 mithril ore x5 Smelting Tongs 45

!mithril can only be smelted by dwarves.
Smelting, like most crafting skills, can be repeated with F11