History of New Sosaria

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Many years ago, a young man stepped through a blue moongate and arrived in a not too unfamiliar land. There he met Oenishi who, over time and through many adventures, helped him to become King of the realm otherwise known as Sosaria.

In the meantime, a young wizard known as Mondain had created the Gem of Immortality, acquired immortality himself, and was inflicting his evil will upon the world. The King summoned The Stranger from what was once his homeland. The Stranger came forth, destroyed the gem and slew Mondain.

With the fall of Mondain and the destruction of the Gem of Immortality came a time of great upheaval. A great tide of magic was let loose at Mondain’s passing, rending time and space. The world was transformed; indeed, worlds were transformed. For each of the many shards born from the shattered gem contained a unique vision of Sosaria with its own history and future. The world today that we know as New Sosaria is but one of these visions.

The ages of Darkness have passed and the age of Virtue is upon us. The lands have undergone a great upheaval and twisted themselves into new forms. Two great continents have appeared from the cataclysm : Tanelorne in the East, and Sosaria in the West. Many townes have risen from the ashes and a few have even survived. From the relatively new townes of Nordhaven and Port Izumi in the west, to the twin cities of Montor that miraculously survived the transformation of Sosaria, Old into New, there is a thriving, and largely peaceful, human populace.

But there is also unrest. The people of New Sosaria appear to be lacking in guidance. Seeing the need for vision and unity, the king of New Sosaria, Lord Eggleton, has decreed that there should be eight virtues stemming from the three principles of Truth, Love and Courage. Thus the shrines have been created as monuments to the virtues.

But what of Lord Eggleton, and the Stranger? Lord Eggleton is gone: he’s stepped through his own portal, off on his own fantastic quest to rescue some fellow called Lord British or something. And news of the Stranger has not been forthcoming – what has happened to him (or indeed her!) is anybody's guess.