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Monster Corpses

Some monsters will drop corpses when they die. These corpses can be processed into raw meat that can be either charred, roasted or used in a recipe. Monster corpses are very heavy and cannot be put in your bank or into your house boxes. They will even disappear if left on the floor of your house. So butcher them immediately!

To convert a monster corpse into raw meat use a butcher's knife on the corpse while it is on the ground. Butchering a monster corpse requires 5% less skill than roasting the same monster meat.

Roasting and Charring

Eating raw meat will make you sick so it needs to be prepared. You can either roast or char raw meat. Some meats give special resistances for 10 minutes duration when eaten. Resistances don't stack, only one effect applies at a time.

Roast raw meat by using a baking dish on an oven. Char raw meat by using a meat skewer on a campfire or brazier.

The following is a list of some of the special resistances when eaten.

Recipe Ingredients Effects Min Skill %
roasted rat meat (rat) - 0
roasted giant rat meat (giant rat) - 3
roasted rabbit meat (rabbit) - 5
roasted chicken meat (chicken) - 9
roasted turkey meat (turkey) - 13
roasted cow meat (cow) - 17
roasted clam meat (clam) - 21
roasted crab meat (crab)  ? 25
roasted sea horse meat (sea horse) - 29
roasted giant squid meat (giant squid) - 33
roasted shark meat (shark) - 37
roasted gazer meat (gazer) - 41
roasted fire lizard meat (fire lizard) 20% fire resistance 41
roasted vampire meat (vampire) 25% vampyric resistance 49
roasted hydra meat (hydra) 30% lightning resistance 51
roasted drake meat (drake) - 53
roasted blue dragon meat (blue dragon) 40% lightning damage reduction 55
roasted white dragon meat (white dragon) 50% cloning resistance 58
roasted spectral reaper meat (spectral reaper) 30 seconds invisibility 61
roasted green dragon meat (green dragon) 50% poison resistance 64
roasted daemon meat (daemon) 50% paralysis resistance 67
roasted nightmare meat (nightmare) 40% fire resistance 70
roasted red dragon meat (red dragon) 40% fire resistance 73
roasted black dragon meat (black dragon) extra hunger satiation 76
roasted ice dragon meat (ice dragon) 50% cold resistance 79
roasted devil meat (devil) - 82
roasted evil bunny meat (evil bunny) - 85

Cooking Recipes

You can also cook up special recipes using various ingredients. Some of the foods created this way will provide temporary buffs. Note that some recipes call for raw meat while others might call for roasted or charred meat.

You can find most of the basic ingredients for recipes at an inn. Water can be got from a well and milk from cows by using a bucket.

To cook a recipe use a pan on a stove.

The following is a list of some of the available recipes.

Recipe Ingredients Effects Min Skill %
broth water, salt, spices - 0
boiled egg egg water,salt bad breath 0
bread water, salt, flour - 0
cheese milk - 2
butter milk, salt - 4
tasty rat jerky salt, rat meat +15 str 6
garlic bread garlic, bread, butter bad breath 7
chicken soup chicken meat, broth +15 dex 8
french toast egg, bread, sugar +15 int 9
pastry flour, water - 11
omelette egg, onion, cheese +2% xp 12
giant rat dog giant rat meat, bread +25 str 13
club sandwich turkey, bread, lettuce, tomato +30 MR 15
pancake flour, sugar, milk +25 dex 17
crab salad crab meat, lettuce, oil, salt +25 hp 20
tossed salad lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, salt +25 int 24
carrot cake flour, milk, sugar, carrot +2 NV 27
rabbit skewers rabbit meat, onion, capsicum +40 MR 30
apple pie apple, pasty, sugar +10% dex 31
shark fin soup shark meat, broth +10% as 35
potato bake mystery meat, potato, cheese, milk +10% def 39
beef stroganoff beef, broth, mushrooms +50 hp 43
bakyre burger beef, bread, lettuce, tomato +50 MR 44
orcasaurus burger mystery meat, bread, onion, cheese +25 str and +25 dex 45
clam chowder clam meat, broth +10% int 48
slime jello slime, sugar +4 NV 52
minotaur stroganoff mino heart, broth, mushrooms +15% str 58
seahorse salad lettuce, cheese, bread, seahorse +70 MR 60
blood moss pie blood moss, rabbit, pastry +15% dex 62
mystery stew mystery meat, broth, potato +15% def 64
angel fish cakes angel fish, flour, oil +15% int 68
giant calamari rings squid, flour, oil +90 MR 75
crab chowder crab meat, broth +15% hp 77
dragon rations roast drake, spices, bread +5% xp gain 80
devil wings meat (devil), spices polymorphs you into devil 85
evil bunny stew meat (evil bunny), broth, onion polymorphs you into evil bunny 90
black dragon pudding meat (black dragon), spices vampyric attacks for 60 seconds 100
canned heroism meat (devil), meat (daemon), meat (drake), meat (blue dragon), meat (white dragon), meat (green dragon), meat (red dragon), meat (black dragon), mandrake x 10, nightshade x 10 +10% dex/int/str for 10 minutes 100