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The merchants of New Sosaria keep both the budding and experienced adventurer well stocked with everything from rations to the most esoteric of weapons, providing the buyer has adequate gold of course.


Weaponsmith, Armourer & Bowyer

These are the merchants that sell the instruments of combat.


The provsioner sells all your basic hardware, everything from the basic adventuring kit such as torches, lockpicks and ammuntion, to the tools of the trades, such as the pocketknife, mining pick and alembic. If your provisioner doesn't have it, it will probably have to be crafted by an expert tinker.


The scribe sells scrolls, including the ever useful Town Portal Scroll and the Scroll of Identify.


The apothecary sells reagants for use by alchemists. Only ginseng, garlic, silk, moss, ash and black pearl are for sale; nightshade and mandrake must be gathered.


It seems that the only thing the jewellers of New Sosaria ever have in stock thesedays is the peergem.



The innkeeper sells food for you and your pet.



The tailor can supply you with the needed supplies to make leather items and bandages. A tailor may also have a small selection of leather armours to sell too.


In addition to the merchant types listed above, there are the following services available ...


Bankers can transfer items from your inventory to your bank vault and back again. Use b to withdraw and B (shift + b) to deposit. Each character has one bank vault only which can be accessed from any bank throughout New Sosaria.


Will resurrect for free or sell you a heal and cure all for a nominal fee.

Travel Agent

Sells tickets for travel by boat from towne to towne.

Shoppe Opening Hours

From 6am in the morning to 12am at night.

Player Merchants

Player Merchants provide one way for players to buy and sell junk from each other. Having acquired your own player merchant, you can load him up full of your miscellaneous periphery which your merchant will offer for sale to everyone else. You can then come back some time later to pick up the sales revenue that he has collected for you, assuming that he has actually sold anything.

For full details on player merchants click here.

Other Merchants

Secret and Magic Merchants

If these secretive and well hidden merchants even exist, they would be terribly difficult to locate.


Ikea is an entire department store full of furnishings for the adventurer's house. Items on sale range from floor coverings to grandfather clocks - but be prepared for a shock when you read the price tag!