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Spells are cast simply by chanting words (e.g. An Nox), by selecting the spell from a menu, or by using a hot key to cast a spell previously bound to that key. Spells do not need to be pre-mixed and ingredients are not required. The higher the circle, the harder the spell is to cast, the more mana it uses and the longer the cooloff.

To cast:

  • hit the C key
  • type the first letter of each word, eg 'a' then 'n' to cast An Nox (cure poison)
  • hit Enter


  • hit shift+C
  • click on the spell your list OR
  • scroll down to the spell you wish to cast and hit Enter


The Schools of Magic

All magic in New Sosaria is broken up into categories, or schools. Each school of magic represents a unique approach to manipulating the metaphysical world and must be learned separately. Therefore skill in one school has no bearing on or benefit to the spells of another school, apart from the common use of Mana as a power source.

The Language of Magic

Every spell consists of an incantation that is made up from one or more Rune words, or syllables which are written in the Old Sosarian Runic alphabet. Each Rune word has its own distinct meaning and their combination is usually representative of the desired spell effect. For example, the Harm spell An Mani consists of the syllables An which means Negate and Mani which means Life.

Learning New Spells and Abilities

The player can only cast spells that s/he already knows, and to learn a new spell one must usually be taught by a trainer that knows that spell. Each spell need only be learned once.

While most spells are taught directly by trainers spread across the various towns and other places of interest, some spells can be found among treasure piles as tomes, and a few are quest rewards. However, the school of sanctity spells are taught by wandering masters that will approach you when you are ready to learn.

To read a tome in order to learn the spell, simply press R , select the appropriate tome and the spell will be learned. Once you've learned a spell, it may be cast by reciting the correct incantation for the spell.

Town Spell Tome Description School Circle Price
Nordhaven IL (In Lor) Small Magic Light Magery 1 125 gp
M (Mani) Lesser Heal Piety 1 125 gp
AM (Mani) Minor Harm Sorcery 1 125 gp
UY (Uus Yelm) Bless Weapon Divinity 1 125 gp
Port Izumi AN (An Nox) Cure Poison Piety 2 187 gp
AMT (An Mani Tym) Power Word Pain Divinity 2 187 gp
AYQ (An Yelm Quas) Uncurse Divinity 2 187 gp
GP (Grav Por) Magic Missile Sorcery 2 187 gp
IW (In Wis) Display Position Magery 2 187 gp

Mana and Magic

Mana is the energy source of all spells. The amount of mana you have available for spells is related to the amount of intelligence your character has. A spell will use mana in direct proportion to its circle.

Skill Progression

There are separate player status screens which display your chance to successfully cast a spell that you have learned from a tome. Notice that 0% in a magic skill still gives you a 25% chance of casting a circle 1 spell of that related school of magic, and 0% chance of casting any higher circle of spell of that school.

Casting a spell will raise its associated magic skill, e.g. casting small light (In Lor) will train Magery. Once the chance of casting a particular circle of spell reaches 100% then casting it will no longer raise the associated magic skill. You will need to cast higher circle spells in order to improve your magic skill further.

Once you reach 100% in a school of magic you'll have 100% casting rate of all spells in that school.

To fully master a circle 1 mage or priest spell your skill in the respective School must be 30%. For a circle 2 spell it is 40%, circle 3 spell 50% and so on. Monks need 10% for circle 1 spells, 20% for circle 2 spells and so on.

Spells, Schools and Circles

Magery & Sorcery

Utility & destruction spells.

Please see the Mage page for the full Magery & Sorcery spell lists.


Healing and anti-undead spells.

Please see the Priest page for the full Piety & Divinity spell lists.


This is the school of magic used by monks.

Please see the Monk page for the full Sanctity spell list.


Doing things with corpses, etc

Please see the Necromancer page for the full Necromancy spell list.


This is the school of magic used by Druids.

Please see the Druid page for the full Druidry & Polymorphism spell lists.

The Mage's Staff

The serious mage (or druid!) will never leave home without his or her staff (ie: a crook, a shillelagh, or a staff). The advantages of having a staff equipped are:

  • faster cooloff
  • less mana used per spell
  • staff materials affect spell damages, and may have a venomous or vampyric effect
  • staves of slaying give increased damage to offensive spells
  • increased mana regeneration rate (including during meditation)

Spell Scrolls

The learned scribe may be able to create spell-scrolls. On reading one of these scrolls (eg Scroll: In Lor) the spell is cast with a 100% success rate. Only a subset of all the spells can be made with the Inscription skill.