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Farming is the process of growing plants in your house. It does not require any skill, just seeds (or spores) and some dirt in your house.

Obtaining Seeds & Spores

Seeds and spores are available from the farm supplies merchant in Chester Hill.

What you can grow

foods (for cooking and eating)

garlic, pepper, tomato, onion, potato, carrot, apple, ginseng, mushroom, lettuce, olive, beet, wheat,

reagents (for alchemy)

blood moss,


tulip, rose, marigold, violet,

for brewing

hops, barley

Details on growing

  • seeds can only be planted in dirt in your house or basement
  • you can create dirt by using a hoe on grass, by using a renovation wand on any tile
  • use a seed/spore to plant it
  • use a bucket on well to create water, as with cooking, and use the water on the seed/plant to water it
  • most plants grow outdoors (ie a map in which the sun shines) but mushrooms, blood moss and ginseng must be grown underground (ie a basement)
  • plants need to be watered every ingame-day in order to grow - plants will die of not being watered in about 14 real-life days
  • plants will die of old age - usually around 30 real-life days but this varies
  • plants generally have a number of stages - seed->sprout->youngplant->mature plant->harvestable plant etc but this depends on the species
  • to harvest a plant, activate with a-dir
  • to destroy a plant, use a hoe on it
  • there is no olive press or mill yet so olives are for eating and wheat is for stockpiling