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The Armourer's craft is all about skillfully shaping metal into the various forms of protective gear. It is brother to the Weaponsmith skill and related to Tinkering.


Crafting metal armour is performed with an armourers hammer on an anvil with smelted ingots.

Raw Materials

Smelting Ingots

Ingots can be smelted from ore by a miner / metallurgist who are also required to dig the ore out of a mountain. If you want to reach the position of Grandmaster Armourer, be prepared to use several thousand ore.

Types of Ingots

There are seven types of metal ingots that can be smelted by a miner / metallurgist and then forged into armour:

  • ordinary
  • copper
  • silver
  • gold
  • steel
  • blackrock
  • mithril

Note: venomous ingots cannot be forged into armour, these are the exclusive province of the Weaponsmith. Mithril can only be mined, smelted and forged by a Dwarf.

How to make tinted Ingots

Blackrock ingots are made by alchemically treating the raw ore with various ingredients before it gets smelted into ingots. More on treating and alchemy here.

Crafting Items

Use (u) an armourers hammer on an anvil to craft items from available ingots in your inventory. There is a skill premium required to craft tinted items - please see the Advanced Crafting page for more info.

A skilled armourer can make a full set of metal armour like plate mail, helm, gauntlets, greaves and boots. Due to the variable skill involved the armourer must make each piece separately and a novice must start with the smaller, simpler items first.

Armourers may also hammer certain ingots into sheets of metal for tinkers to work with.

Ingot Sheets Min Skill %
Brass Ingot Brass Sheets x4 20
Silver Ingot Silver Sheets x4 35

Item List

Here is a list of items that can be made from ingots of the appropriate type along with their minimum skill requrements:

Item Ingredients Min Skill %
Kite Shield ingots x7 0
Heater Shield ingots x8 2
Large Shield ingots x9 4
Tower Shield ingots x10 5
Full Helm ingots x6 6
Horned Helm ingots x6 7
Scale Mail ingots x10 8
Gauntlets ingots x4 9
Ringmail ingots x10 10
Chain Leggings ingots x6 11
Chain Coif ingots x4 12
Plate Boots ingots x6 13
Greaves ingots x8 14
Splintmail ingots x10 15
Girdle ingots x3 15
Chain Gloves ingots x4 16
Chain Boots ingots x6 17
Chain Mail ingots x10 18
Plate Mail ingots x12 19
Field Plate ingots x12 20

The Armoury skill, like most crafting skills, can be repeated with F11.

Tinted Items and Magic Items

Please see the Advanced Crafting page for more info on crafting magic armour and tinted armour.