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There are two main methods of travelling around New Sosaria, mundane and magical. With all of these methods it is possible to get almost anywhere, above and below ground.


On Foot

Most ground travel is affected by the type of terrain you are attempting to traverse. It is easier to move along a well-worn road than to navigate through a dark forest, therefore the different terrain types have different movement penalties.

Note that while much terrain is passable, some of it is dangerous. Swamps can poison you with their noxious foliage, whereas only the most foolhardy adventurer will brave the searing heat and venture across a lava flow.

On Horse's/Cow's/Rabbit's/Drake's back

An experienced Adventurer will buy a mount in Dryden to travel faster through forest and hills. Blazing Saddles sell summons (shift+c) for white horses. A white horse costs 100,000 gold pieces and the player has to be at least level 50. Summons for premium mounts like brown horses, cows, rabbits and drakes have to be paid for with adamantium coins. Drakes, unlike other mounts, are able to fly over mountains and water. To summon a brown horse the player has to be at least level 10, for a cow level 50, for a rabbit level 75 and for a drake level 50.

By Grapple

The grapple is an extremely dangerous form of transportation and is the only manual means of traversing mountain ranges apart from flying. Many an adventurer has fallen to his death while trying to cross mountains.

Grapples can be obtained by completing a particular quest.

Note: Grapples will work on regular mountains only, they will not work on the high peaks.

By Raft

Rafts are the cheap adventurer's boat, useful for navigating the watery surface world. They can be made by a skilled woodcrafter. It is worth noting that rafts are quite heavy, and you will take damage by traversing the high sea.

Use (u) a raft on a water tile to board your raft.

You can disembark (x) to the shore, while your raft will be automatically collected.

Note: Rafts will only work on outdoors maps and cannot be used in most townes or dungeons.

By Ship

The best way to travel over the sea is by using a ship. Not only are they safer on the high sea than a raft but they are also armed with cannons for protection against the various sea creatures. Ships can be boarded by a larger party of players as well. Conveniently ships are stored by magical means in a bottle. Ships in the bottle can be found in treasure caves or while fishing, but they are quite rare.

Use (u) a ship in the bottle on a water tile to board your ship.

You can disembark (x) to the shore, while your ship will be automatically collected.

Fire (f dir) your cannons to defend yourself and the ship against sea creatures.

By Charter Ships

At this time, ship travel is restricted to chartered vessels that operate between key townes. You will need a ticket in order to take each of the chartered routes. Most tickets are obtained by completing a quest.

Walk onto the center of the ship at a port and press space. This will transport you to the docks of the other towne.

Here is a list of the current charters:


Town Portals

No-one really knows who created the first town portal spell. They have been in use for a while, however no-one has stepped forward to claim their right of creation. Arcanists suggest a connection between emergence of town portals and the loss of the moon Trammel and the disappearance of moongates. Mystery aside, be grateful for their existence!

Town portals conenct your current location with your bound town. See the /bind command for more details. The default bound town for all new players is Nordhaven.

Read (r) a town portal scroll and indicate a direction to create a portal.The portal will disappear when you return back through it.

In Por Blink

The original Blink spell was deemed a failure as it transported many an unlucky caster into solid rock or off unexpected cliffs. Since then the Blink spell has been refined (through the loss of many an apprentice) with various safety features. Some would say that it is too safe as it will often refuse to transport you at all.

See magic and spellcasting for more info.

Cast Blink (c IP dir) and indicate a direction to hop a short distance.

Note: Some maps are marked as no blink and the spell will automatically fail if cast.

Mark and Recall

The Mark and Recall spells work together to allow a Mage to remember a particular location and to be able to return there instantly. After the infamous Nordhaven Museum theft the use of the Mark spell has since been restricted.

Cast Mark (c KPY) to remember your current location.

Cast Recall (c KOP) to return to the last remembered location.

Note: The Mark spell will not work in dungeons, to prevent a practice known as reverse clearing.

See magic and spellcasting for more info.

Other Magic

Other forms of magical transport exist, so don't be surprised if you see portals of many shapes and forms out in the wild. The bold and prepared adventurer should take advantage of such magic, for who knows - it may lead you somewhere new and exciting...