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Inscription is the art of writing magical formulae onto a scroll to create a certain effect. The advantage being that almost anyone can read the scroll and benefit from the effect, regardless of their ability. Many of these effects are unique to scrolls, and are not duplicated by the various circles of spells.


The scribe uses a quill and writes the formulae on a blank scroll.

Raw Materials


Quills are available for purchase from a provisioner.

Blank Scrolls

Blank Scrolls, as well as some pre-inscribed scrolls and tomes are available from a scribe.

Scribing Scrolls

Use (u) a quill to scribe a scroll from available blank scrolls in your inventory.

Scroll List

Scroll Effect Min Skill %
Scroll (IL) In Lor spell 0
Scroll of Unweld unwelds equipped cursed items 0
Scroll of Uncurse removes curse from item 5
Town Portal Scroll portal to bound town 10
Scroll (S) Sanct spell 15
Scroll of Truesight reveals hidden and invisible 20
Resurrection Scroll raises dead players 25
Raise Pet Scroll raises dead pets 30
Scroll of Health increases maximum health 35
Scroll of Identify identifies an item 40
Scroll (VL) Vas Lor spell 40
Scroll (IMJ) In Mani Jux spell 45
Improved Scroll of Health increases maximum health 50
Scroll (KOP) Kal Ort Por spell 55
Scroll of Uncurse All uncurses all known cursed items 60
Scroll (SL) Sanct Lor spell 60
Merchant Contract creates player merchant 65
Refined Scroll of Health increases maximum health 65
Scroll (KPY) Kal Por Ylem spell 70
Scroll of Identify All identifies all carried items 75
Greater Scroll of Health increases maximum health 82
Scroll of Protection protects from certain effects 90
Tile Scroll(water) creates a water floor tile to use in your home 100
Tile Scroll(lava) creates a lava floor tile to use in your home 100
Scroll of Galvinizing Gives +5% to all stats 100

What the Advanced Scrolls Do

These scrolls are not available for purchase from the local scribe.

Identify All
Identifies everything in inventory (does not reveal curses however).

Uncurse All
Uncurses everything in inventory that has a known curse.

Scroll of Truesight
For 60 seconds, the reader can see hidden and invisible players and creatures. These creatures are not revealed in the manner that the Wis Quas spell removes hidden.

Raise Pet

  • Improved: raises your pet with full health
  • Regular: Raises your pet with 1 health point

Scroll of Protection
Grants the reader 30 mins of immunity to poison, disease, as well as effects from traps (gas, poison, paralysis and blinding). Also adds 5 defense.

Scroll of Health
All scrolls of health temporarily increase your maximum health points (the bonus hp deteriorates over time) but some have level requirements before you can use them.

  • regular: adds 75 to your maximum health  : No level requirement for use.
  • improved: adds 100 to your maximum health  : Level 25+ requirement.
  • refined: adds 125 to your maximum health  : Level 50+ requirement.
  • greater: adds 150 to your maximum health  : Level 75+ requirement.

Note: scrolls of health will additionally increase your current health if you are already at full health. If you are wounded, only your maximum health will be raised.