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Alchemy is the science of making potions, and the conversion and processing of base materials for use with not only making potions, but for other crafts as well.


Most alchemy is performed with an alembic and an alchemists' bench. There are 3 other specialist tools however: the mortar and pestle, the sieve, and the blackrock saw: all of which are used to process monster parts (explained below).

Potion Recipes


An alembic is a glass apparatus used for the distilling and purification of various liquids or essences and is available from a provisioner. An Alchemist's bench can usually be found in an apothecary, and is free for use by any alchemist.

In addition to the Alembic, you will need all of the required ingredients as well as an empty potion flask. Flasks can be made by a tinker, purchased from an apothecary, or they can be saved and re-used after consuming another potion.

Use (u) an Alembic at an Alchemist's bench to bring up a list of potions that you can make, assuming you have the minimum skill required.

Potionmaking, like most crafts, can be repeated with F11

Potion Effect Ingredients Min Skill %
Yellow heal ginseng + spider's silk + flask 10
Blue mana ginseng + blood moss + flask 20
Pink cure disease garlic + ginseng + spores x3 + flask 25
Red cure poison garlic + ginseng + flask 30
Green induce poison sulphurous ash + nightshade + blood moss + snake's venom + flask 30
Cyan blink spider's silk + blood moss + sparkling mote x5 + flask 35
Lime nightvision black pearl + nightshade + mandrake root + preserved ooze + flask 40
Brown speed sulphurous ash + mandrake root + blood moss + bug dust + flask 45
Black invisibility mandrake root + nightshade + blood moss + shadow dust + flask 50
Orange induce sleep spider's silk + garlic + nightshade + preserved eye + flask 60
White x-ray vision sulphurous ash + mandrake root + preserved brain + flask 60
Purple combat boost mandrake root + spider's silk + garlic + essence of rage + flask 75
Clear varies - see below fountain + flask N/A
Khaki rage unknown  ??

A clear potion has the same effect on the user as most fountains. It may satiate your hunger a little, make you go cosmic for a short time, restore all hp and mana, or even add up to 20% to statistics for a short period of time (in addition to restoring you to full hp & mana). As far as I know, clear potions cannot summon water demons or snakes.

Improved Potions

You can also use your Alembic to distill concentrated versions of some potions. Note that the last two require a reinforced flask which can be made by a tinker or saved and re-used as before.

Potion Ingredients Min Skill %
Improved Yellow ginseng x2, spider silk x2, empty flask 30
Refined Yellow ginseng x3, spider silk x3, empty flask 50
Greater Yellow ginseng x4, spider silk x4, empty flask 70
Improved Lime black pearl x2, mandrake root x2, nightshade x2, preserved ooze x2, empty flask 75
Improved Brown sulphurous ash x2, mandrake root x2, blood moss x2, bug dust x2, empty flask 80
Mega Yellow ginseng x5, spider silk x5, reinforced flask 85
Mega Blue ginseng x5, blood moss x5, reinforced flask 85

Non-Potion Recipes

These recipes are used to make some of the more exotic materials that are used by other crafting skills. More on the properties of these exotic item materials here.

As above, use (u) an Alembic at an Alchemist's bench to distill the various essences which are then used to treat the particular material, all in one neat process.

Material Ingredients Min Skill %
Powdered Silver: silver filings 40
Venomous Ore: regular ore, nightshade x4, snake's venom 45
Blackrock Ore (Treated): blackrock, dragon scales x6, mandrake root x3, nightshade x3 65
Venomous Log: log, nightshade x4, snake's venom 45
Ebony Log: log, blackrock ore (treated blackrock) 65
Golden Thread: spider's silk x5, gold nugget 55
Silver Thread spider's silk x5, silver ore 60
Dark Thread spider's silk x5, blackrock ore (treated blackrock) 65




Reagents can either be purchased from an apothecary, found as loot or harvested from various places.

Reagent Source
Black Pearl apothecary (rare), occasionally when fishing
Blood Moss apothecary (rare)
Garlic apothecary (common)
Ginseng apothecary (common)
Mandrake Root search a swamp at any midnight
Nightshade search the forests at midnight on the new moon
Spider's Silk apothecary (common), found on giant spider
Sulphurous Ash apothecary (very rare), found on fire lizard

Monster Parts

Monster parts are needed for any advanced Alchemy, for some Enchanting recipes. They are occasionally found among the remains of certain monsters. The raw monster parts will generally need processing first before they can be used.

You will also need vials or jars to hold the processed ingredients. These, along with the potion flasks, can be made by a skilled tinker.

Use (u) an Alembic at an Alchemist's bench to convert the following items.

Parts Ingredients Min Skill %
Preserved Ooze ooze + jar 0
Preserved Brain brain + jar 5
Preserved Eye eye + jar 5
Snake's Venom fang + vial 40
Essence of Rage heart + vial 70
Essence of Fire (used by enchanters) glowing ember + vial 75
Essence of Lightning (used by enchanters) hydra fang + vial 75
Essence of Magic (used by enchanters) magic spleen + vial 80

The following monster parts require the specialist tools Mortar and Pestle, Sieve and Blackrock Saw which can all be created by an experienced Tinker.

Use (u) the listed tool on the ingredient:

Parts Tool Ingredient Min Skill %
Bug Dust mortar and pestle carapace 0
Spores sieve diseased bandage 0
Shadow Dust mortar and pestle horn 15
Dragon Scales x3 dragonscale saw dragon hide 60

What monsters drop what parts

As mentioned above, occasionally a monster will drop a monster part. Specific ingredients come from particular monsters, namely:

Parts Source
Brain gazer
Carapace insect swarm
Diseased Bandage mummy
Dragon Hide red dragon
Eye basilisk
Fang snake
Glowing Ember fire daemon
Heart minotaur chief
Horn shadow orc
Hydra Fang hydra
Ooze slime
Wet Clay (used by enchanters) earth golem
Magic Spleen found when butchering magic using monsters

Flesh Golems

The Grand Master Alchemist is a Master of reanimation and can create his own pet from the corpses of the fallen. Its believed that artificial reanimation of the dead can depend only on the condition of the tissues; and that unless actual decomposition has set in, a corpse fully equipped with organs may with suitable measures be set going again in the peculiar fashion known as life. Body parts for the golem can be found in graves or from the corpses of freshly killed creatures. As all golems the flesh golem needs a power crystal for operation.

After reanimation this gruesome creature can be healed with medicine or magic like as if it has never died before.

For in-depth Information read Herbert West - Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft.