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The Fair Land of Maeondir is a mysterious island reachable only by a special portal. Access to the portal becomes available to adventurers eventually during their travels.

In the following map, the label colours are as follows:


Notable Residents

  • Lady Farimond and Lord Farimond:

They are the King and Queen of Castle Farimond. Lord Farimond rules the northen parts of Maeondir, maintaining a "Cold War" of sorts between him and Brownthorne. Lady Farimond is kept in the castle, yearning for some kind of independance.

  • Brownthorne:

This man rules the mountainous lands of the south, from Castle Brownthorne. He does not take kindly to adventurers, nor any other visitors, and is the bitter rival of Lord and Lady Farimond.

  • Mariah:

A former member of the Council of Wizards. She now lives an isolated life on a coast of the island.

  • Sin'Vraal:

Estorrath's "pet" Devil. It is known to live somewhere in the deserts of Maeondir. The pet is also known to be afraid - or atleast cautious - of it's master.

Example of Hostile Creatures


  • Tree Ents:

These plant-like monstrosities litter the heavy forests of mostly northern Maeondir. They aren't to be taken lightly, as they tend to swarm unprepared adventurers.

  • Crabs:

Creatures originally spotted in Sosaria, these monsters are relatively weak for the experienced. Beware, however, of the ever-so-elusive and gargantuan variation, the Huge Crab. The Huge Crab appears at just about anywhere in Maeondir, and is known to be quite the obstacle.

  • Golems:

There are a variety of Golems in Maeondir as well as inside the dungeons. Ranging from Iron Golems to Forest Golems, to even Blood Golems, these creatures are strong - despite the fact that they are mindless automations.

  • Corpsers:

Corpsers are often found in harsh wild areas such as The Lost Jungle. These are plant-derived monsters and will occasionally grab an adventurer and pull them underground.