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This is an overview of the different things that affect your items, armour and weapons.


Cursedness is an attribute that most items have, being either uncursed (normal) or cursed. Cursed items generally behave in a negative way or opposite way to their uncursed counterparts. For some items it makes no difference either way. Cursed items are generally referred to as cursed item X, while uncursed items are generally referred to simply as item X .

For example: A weapon is does more damage than your bare hands. A cursed weapon, will do almost no damage, making you unable to fight. Additionally, it will be welded to your hand (impossible to remove)! On the other hand, a scroll of identification and a cursed scroll of identification behave exactly the same way (at the time of writing, at least).

Thus it is beneficial to find out if items are cursed before using them. On the regular server, curses are revealed when you use a Scroll of Identification. Curses may also be revealed by dropping an item next to the brazier (fire) in the shrines.

Cursed weapons or armour that has welded itself to you may be removed using a scroll of unweld. Simply read the scroll using R and all welded items will be removed from your body, and waiting in your inventory. The curses of the items will remain.

  • Pro Tip Cursed items will not stack with uncursed items. Keep a supply of uncursed potions and scrolls in your bank. If newly added potions and scrolls don't stack with the items you already have, you can be sure they are cursed (you'll still have to drop them by a shrine to reveal the curse though)

Cursed items may be uncursed by using a scroll of uncurse on them. Simply drop the item on the ground, and read the Scroll of Uncurse with R, then give the direction in which to use the scroll with the arrow key. There are also scrolls of uncurse-all, which will uncurse any cursed items in your inventory when read.

Item Identification

Buy a magnifying glass and use it on an unidentified item to attempt to ID it. Be sure to do your identification in a safe place where your items will not be stolen! The Item Lore skill required to ID the item with a magnifying glass is proportional to the quality of the item. You may not be able to identify an item straight away, but if you "can't quite tell what this item is", then you are certainly on the way to succeeding and should persevere. Using a magnifying glass to ID an item may detect a curse if you have sufficient skill.

Scrolls of identification may be used alternatively to a magnifying glass. These require no skill to use, but cost gold at the scroll merchant.