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There are various other places in New Sosaria that you may like to explore which don't fall quite into the categories of townes and dungeons.


Located east and a little north of Izumi, and below Bayside, this area is designed for players wishing to train skills and practise fighting one another to do so under the watchful eye of the Arena Master. Although he has never pretended that fights aren't to the death, it is understood that the laws of New Sosaria do not apply here, and thus sparring or even killing an opponent will not lead to a player being reported as a criminal.

Dying in the Arena
If you die in one of the arena's battlegrounds, you can resurrect without penalty. Further, you will be resurrected in the arena itself, regardless of where you were bound previously.

Cammerata Keep

In the far north west reaches of Tanelorne, this keep is dedicated to Honesty, and overlooks the shrine there. Although recently bereaved, its ruler Lord Byron welcomes adventurers - those who have proved themselves virtuous by aiding the guards of other townes might even be able to join his service, and take missions from his advisors.

Djanno's Shack

Home of Djanno, an old time resident of EUO. He keeps his personal items there as long as his horse, Smith. He never leaves it unlocked and keeps it very clean.

Library of New Sosaria

The Library, located southwest of Port Izumi, is the primary place in New Sosaria where books are kept. The head Librarian Nestor is always for new and rare books to add to the collection.


is where you can stable your pet!

The Underworld

A vast unexplored area full of mystery and foul beasts. There is rumoured to be entrances to this area in the deepest dungeons, and perhaps by other means. There is much speculation over this area, and not all of its secrets have been unearthed, as frequent earthquakes could open up new areas at any time. There is a scholar in Bakyre interested in this area.

University of Tanelorne

University of Tanelorne

Located between the twin cities of Montor, the University of Tanelorne can provide a healthy kickstart to your miscellaneous education needs.

The skills on offer may be trained to 50 points maximum, starting from 250gp for 1 skill point. The price increases exponentially as the need for training increases.

Skills that can be trained at the university include:

  • Item Lore
  • Fishing
  • Alchemy
  • Woodcrafting
  • Blacksmith
  • Mining
  • Tinkering
  • Tailoring
  • Armourer
  • Inscription
  • Cartography