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Piety and Divinity

Priests have two skills pertaining to the use of magic: Piety and Divinity.

For details on these, refer to: Magic and Spellcasting.

Priest Weapon Skills

Blessed Maces

  • Damage Type: Bludgeoning
  • Stat Dependent Damage Optimisation: 90% str / 10% dex
  • Default special move: Thunderclap

Only by wielding a "blessed" mace will a priest be able to raise the blessed maces skill; wielding a non-blessed mace will instead raise the maces fighter skill. To bless a mace, a priest simply has to use the first circle Divinity UY (bless weapon) spell. (Note: in order to revert a blessed mace into a regular mace, simply use a cursed scroll of uncurse on it - but this process will not work when performed on house tiles.)

It should also be noted the blessed maces skill is identical to the maces fighter skill except that in the case of blessed maces, you will not be able to use any of the other special moves that a fighter using the maces skill could. More specifically, even if a (dual-classed) priest had 100% in the Polearms skill and 100% in the Longswords skills, that priest would neither be able to execute Bloodbolt nor Flurry respectively.

All Armour Types

Like fighers, priests reap the full benefits of all 4 grades of armour: unarmed, light, medium and heavy.

For details, refer to the All Armour Types Section above.

Light and Medium Armour Movement Penalties

Like fighters, priests do not suffer movement penalties for wearing light or medium armour.

For a complete list of the various light and medium armour available, refer to: Armour Types.


Healing and anti-undead spells.

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 minor heal self M Light heal on self
2 cure poison AN Cure poison on self or other
heal other XM Heal other player or creature
3 armour S Temporarily increase defense +3
cure disease ABC Cure disease on self or other
4 fortitude UM Buff target +100 HP
5 greater armour VS Improved armour spell that gives +7 defense
6 greater heal self VM Fully restores HP
7 greater heal other XVM Fully heal other player or creature
8 Resurrect AC Resurrect player
improved fortitude VUM Buff target for 150 HP
  • Vas Mani Cool off increases with class points over 125, to the tune of approx +1 sec per 10% over 125%, when a blessed mace is not equipped in the main hand. A 200% class suffers 15s Vas Mani cool off.


Divine spells to be used by priests.

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 bless weapon UY Bless equipped mace
2 uncurse AYQ Uncurse item
power word pain AMT Damage over time on target
3 summon insect plague KHX Summons 1 to 3 insect swarms on target
identify WY Identify item
4 protection SJ Gives target protection from most status effects
detect traps WJ Gives caster the ability to see traps for a short period of time
5 truesight WQ Casts truesight on self or other
turn AXC Damages undead
6 banish AKX Area effect that destroys all evil summons
summon sword golem KXD Summons a sword golem
7 divine hammer IOY Enchants and soulbinds any +0 mace to up to +6
flame strike FG Ranged attack with a 3x3 damage radius
8 greater power word pain VAMT Does a little more damage than AMT and has a 3x3 cast radius

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