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Monk Skills

Monk Weapon Skills

Unarmed Combat

  • Damage Type: Bludgeoning (with brass knuckles or fists), Slashing (with neko de) or Piercing (with katars)
  • Stat Dependent Damage Optimisation: 50% str / 50% dex
  • Special Rage Attacks: Sleeping Fist, Throat Strike, Quivering Palm

In general, unarmed weapons are very fast, and tend to inflict more critical hits. Also, when a character is totally 'unarmed' (i.e., equipped with only unarmed type armour and using either bare fists or an unarmed type weapon), having a higher unarmed combat skill will result in an improvement in your ability to both attack and defend.


Monks have one skill pertaining to the use of magic: Sanctity. For details on these, refer to: Magic and Spellcasting.


This is the school of magic used by monks.

circle spell name runic incantation description
0 reset aspect SR 0 Removes current aspect
1 sense SW Endows x-ray vision
2 aspect of the hydra SR I Imbues monk to channel lightning
heal SM Heals wounds
3 cleanse SN Curses poison, disease, & blindness
4 aspect of the drake SR II Imbues monk to channel fire
teleport SP Transports monk a short distance away
5 stoneform SY Transforms monk into an invulnerable statue
6 aspect of the yeti SR III Imbues monk to channel cold
levitate SYU Allows monk to float off the ground
7 sieze SRX Snares target from a distance bringing it into melee range
8 aspect of the snake SR IV Imbues monk to channel poison ignoring protection
astral travel SOP Monk's spirit leaves his body so as to explore unseen
9 mirror images SXQ Creates 2 identical images that distract enemies
10 aspect of the turtle SR V Increases mental and physical resistance
phase shift SRY Endows magical immunity and increased dodge ability

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