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Utility spells.

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 small light IL Create a small lightsource
2 locate IW Display position within current map as co-ordinates
minor summon KBX Summon a spider
3 unlock EP Unlocks a door or chest
reveal AQ Reveals invisible and hidden creatures
soul trap IMJ Soul trap (see Enchanting)
4 greater light VL Create a large light source
speed EU Temporarily increase your dexterity (30% of your Int - max is 100 Dex)
recall KOP Recall (teleport to the place where you last cast the Mark spell)
invisibility SL Short term invisibility
5 mark KPY Mark (to be teleported to at a later time with the Recall spell)
paralyse AEP Paralyze opponent
blink IP Blink (teleport in a straight line in any direction)
summon KX Summon creature (the strength of which increases with your intelligence)
lighter load VEU Increases carrying capacity up to 300
6 charm AXE Charm creature
confuse QAW Create mass confusion among enemies
7 greater invisibility VSL Longer lasting invisibility
clone KXQ Clone creature
greater soul trap VIMJ Area effect soul trap
8 polymorph VYR Polymorph self into a dragon
summon dragon KVX Summon a dragon (the color of which depends on your intelligence)
summon daemon KXC Summon a daemon


Destructive spells.

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 minor harm AM Basic adjacent attack
2 magic missile GP Basic ranged magic attack
3 greater harm VAM Improved adjacent attack
4 hex XJ Polymorph other into a rat
poison wind INH Cone of poison
5 lightning OG Lightning attack on single target
earthquake IVPY Earthquake (AOE ground attack)
vampyric bite XMP Vampyric attack, regains HP
6 fireball VF Powerful ranged attack
sleep wind IZH Cone of sleep
7 chain lightning VOG Lightning attack on multiple targets
mana burn IJO Damages spell using enemies mana
8 kill XC Very powerful ranged attack
flame wind IFH Cone of fire

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