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"... a man so hungry for power, he created a wide range of potent enchantments to suit his power needs, using all of his unparalleled crafting abilities, before ultimately deciding it wasn't worth it anymore ..."

Most of the information found here was pulled from the Enchanting/Polypiling/Mythicing Guide in the Forums.

Regular and Magic Weapons and Armor

Weapons and armor can be found and crafted, made with basic materials like wood, metal, cloth, etc. There are different kinds of materials, called "tints" - oak, venomous, goldweave, and others. In addition, weapons and armor can have magic bonuses, like attack + 1, defense + 3, magic resistance + 2, etc. Weapons can also have enchantments, magic spells bound to them that sometimes activate when used, such as "In Jux Ort".


There is a class of weapons, armor, and jewelry, called "Artifacts", that are extremely rare and can only be found occasionally. These artifacts typically are named - "Dragonskewer", "Dante's Ruin", and many others. Weapon artifacts often combine an attack bonus and stat boost (attack + 7, strength + 20), and sometimes have an additional enchantment. Armor artifacts also combine a defense or magic resistance bonus and a stat boost (defense + 4, magic resistance + 6, strength + 25). These items can only be wielded by characters higher than level 70 or 75, depending on the magical bonuses.

Mythic Supertints

There is yet another, higher tier of weapon and armor category, in general called "Mythic", representing a "supertint". The three supertints are "Mythic", "Mystic", and "Atral", aside from the base material, or tint. Supertinted, or mythic, weapons have an additional attack bonus. Mythic armor has additional defense and magic resistance bonuses. These supertints can be captured into an essence by characters with high-level crafting skills and applied to an existing weapon or armor.

Bonuses Supertints
Mythic Mystic Astral
Armor +2def, +1mr +2def, +3vig +2def, +1nv
Weapon +10% damage

red glow if named

+10% damage

orange glow

+10% damage

green glow


Finally, mythic weapons and armor can by upgraded via an upgrade wand (via enchanting) to give them a final boost to either attack, defense, and stats. They also glow in different colours when Named. There are 3 categories of upgrade - "Fel", "Dun", and "Bal" - that can be applied to the 3 supertints, resulting in 9 different combinations:

  • Mythic: Felmythic, Dunmythic, Balmythic.
  • Mystic: Felmystic, Dunmystic, Balmystic.
  • Astral: Felastral, Dunastral, Balastral.

Refinement Item Type Supertints

red glow


orange glow


green glow

Fel Armor +2def, +1mr, +5str +2def, +3vig, +5str +2def, +1nv, +5str
Dun Armor +2def, +1mr, +5dex +2def, +3vig, +5dex +2def, +1nv, +5dex
Bal Armor +2def, +1mr, +5int +2def, +3vig, +5int +2def, +1nv, +5int
(all) Weapon +12% damage

Crafting Mythic Items

Overall Steps

  1. Create mid-level item ingredients, eg. Canned Heroism, Rod of Power, etc.
  2. Use Mythic/Mystic/Astral Facilitator to combine ingredients into essence.
  3. Apply essence to weapon or armor.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Make the first 6 items, they require 100% in their respective skill (except Mythic Material)
  2. Stack those items on the floor somewhere safe
  3. Make the facilitator (requires 100% in mining). You make that by using a smelting tongs on a brazier. Select just plain "ore" as the material.
  4. Use the facilitator on the stack of items
  5. Use the resulting essence (Soulbound) on the desired armor or weapon
  6. The armor or weapon will get an extra modifier called "Mythic/Mystic/Astral". This has the following effects:
    • On weapons, extra 10% damage
    • On armor, extra +2 def and either +1 MR, +3 Vig, or +3 NV
    • The item will NOT be Soulbound
    • The item can be named, artifact, any enchant, any tint. Named items do not get the "Mythic/Mystic/Astral" modifier added to the beginning of their name, but it is otherwise effective.


Several items need to be crafted and combined to form mythic items:

  • Mythical Material (untinted) ***Has to be untinted/plain otherwise will NOT work!***
  • Scroll of Galvanizing
  • Canned Heroism
  • Enigmatic Bauble (copper)
  • Rod of Power (gold)
  • Philosopher's Stone (gold)
  • Mythic/Mystic/Astral Facilitator


Simple Items

Simple Mythical Material Scroll of Galvanizing
Skill (None) Inscription
Ingredients deconstruct any
not-tinted artifact
blank scroll

Complex Items

Complex Canned Heroism Enigmatic Bauble
Rod of Power
Philosopher's Stone
Skill Cooking Tinkering Enchanting Alchemy Mining
  • meat (daemon)
  • meat (devil)
  • meat (drake)
  • meat (blue dragon)
  • meat (white dragon)
  • meat (green dragon)
  • meat (red dragon)
  • meat (black dragon)
  • mandrake root (10)
  • nightshade (10)
  • orb
  • golem power crystal
  • wet clay (2)
  • amethyst (5)
  • diamond (5)
  • emerald (5)
  • fire opal (5)
  • onyx (5)
  • ruby (5)
  • sapphire (5)
  • topaz (5)
  • zircon (5)
  • rod of lightning
  • orb of power
  • dull blue shard
  • dim blue shard
  • bright blue shard
  • brilliant blue shard
  • dull red shard
  • dim red shard
  • bright red shard
  • brilliant red shard
  • khaki potion (1)
  • essence of fire (3)
  • essence of lightning (3)
  • essence of rage (3)
  • preserved brain (5)
  • preserved eye (5)
  • spores (5)
  • shadow dust (5)
  • mandrake root (10)
  • nightshade (10)
  • ore (100)
  • gold nugget (5)
  • blackrock ore (10)
  • venomous ore (10)
  • copper ore (20)
  • silver ore (20)
  • zinc ore (50)

All Crafting Steps

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