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The skills in EUO can be divided into three categories:

To check your skills, press z (to toggle through your character information) or use the slash command /myskills. (Note that there are various other skill-related Slash Commands, and you should familiarise yourself with all of them.)

Skill Level

Each skill generally starts at 0.0%, and increases as it is used. The following are the skill mastery titles that are attained as a skill increases.

Skill Mastery Title Percentage Range
No Title 0-29%
Neophyte 30-39%
Novice 40-49%
Apprentice 50-59%
Journeyman 60-69%
Expert 70-79%
Adept 80-89%
Master 90-99%
Grandmaster 100%

Note: you CAN of course attain the Grandmaster level in more than one skill.

Training Skills

The typical approach to training or increasing a skill is to simply use it. However, this can often be a slow and tedious process. An alterntive is to learn at the University of Tanelorne - located at 135' 66". However, be warned, training at the University can be expensive.

To train at the University, just check the vaious training rooms and press b (buy) at a trainer to see what training is on offer.