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Necromancer Introduction

Necromancers are the blade-wielding, undead-commanding, area-of-effect specializing spell casters of EUO. They are equally at home in playing as a front line combatant, slinging spells from the back, or acting in a support role.

They have three class skills: hexblades, necromancy, bonecrafting.

Necromancer Skills


Necromancers have one skill pertaining to the use of magic: Necromancy. For more details on spells and magic in general, refer to: Magic and Spellcasting.

circle spell name runic incantation description
1 Summon Undead KCX The higher your skill and the more you cast this spell sequentially, the more powerful your summoned undead allies become
2 Dark Ritual CW This is the hexblades version of 'bless weapon : it will take a longsword, scythe, rondel or kryss and convert it into a hexblade
3 Soul Transfer MPT Drains life over time - exact specs: target loses 5% of health per sec over 5 sec, caster gains 5% per sec (% of own health, not target) - both caster and target are frozen during transfer
4 Corpse Explosion FGC AoE mass curse that curses targets such that when each target dies it explodes - inflicting damage on everything within 3x3 square
Ritual Sacrifice CM Cast this on a corpse to give yourself a +50hp buff for 30 mins
5 Command Death SC Any player that has this buff cast on them will automatically resurrect after dying! Lasts for 10 mins. (it is not a PD preventative, and cannot be cast on self)
Giblet Golems ICK AoE mass curse that curses targets: such that when each target dies, it turns into a bunch of body parts which become aligned to caster
6 Death Missile CP Clone of Grav Por, but with the strength of Vas Flam
7 Cone of Acid ICH Clone of IFH, but inflicts disease on all targets, reduces victims MR and Def by 25% ...
8 Hail of Bones CY AoE DoT high damage spell


Hexblades is the melee combat skill used by necromancers. Wielding hexblade weapons also allows necromancer to cast spells without penalty instead of using a staff, and provide the similar benefits (quicker casting times, weapon tint effects, etc).

Hexblades requires wielding a ritualized weapon which is created via the Dark Ritual necromancy spell. These weapons are the athame, the sickle, the stiletto, the kris, and created by casting a Dark Ritual spell on an equipped longsword, scythe, rondel or kryss respectively.

  • longsword->athame
  • rondel->stiletto
  • kryss->krys
  • scythe->sickle

All non artifact weapons of the correct type will convert into their hexblade equivalent, and convert back by casting Dark Ritual again while wielding the hexblade.

All hexblades use the 10:90 STR:INT ratio.

These weapons have the same stats as their unritualised parent, but are slightly faster.

HEXBLADES SPECIALS BUY THESE AT THE UNI! You can also use the 'special move' generic ability to cast apprentice special etc, as for the fighter specials.

black lightning It's blood bolt, but intelligence adds damage

healing bolt It's a reverse blood bolt, that leeches health and restores yours: doesn't do as much damage as black lightning of course


Bonecrafting is the only class-specific crafting skill in EUO.

For necromancers, equipping a bone tinted armour or jewellery increases their hp by roughly 10%, with diminishing returns for each additional bone tined item equipped to a maximum of a 50.5% bonus to their hp. For non-necromancers, bone tinted items only increase their hp by half of that.

Bone tinted weapons grant +10% dmg to spells.

Recipe List

Item Purpose Ingredients Min Skill %
bone charm 'food' for taming the undead bones 0
bone krys hexblade weapon bones (3) 10
bone sickle hexblade weapon bones (2), pole 13
bone athame hexblade weapon bones (4) 16
bone stiletto hexblade weapon bones (2) 19
bone belt waist garment bones (2), leather 25
bone staff mage's weapon bones (3) 35
carved skull cool offhand item skull 30
bone skull key opens locks bones 35
ammunition used with bow, crossbow etc bones 35
boneweave cloth used for bonetailoring bones, cloth 40
skull dust bone-alchemy ingredient skull 40
bone shillelagh mage weapon bones (4) 40
bone fishing rod better fishing rod bones (2), skull 45
boneweave cap cloth hat (that has the bone bonus) boneweave cloth 45
boneweave robe cloth robe boneweave cloth (2) 45
skull dust of blinking teleportation dust skull dust, sparkling motes 45
skull dust of phasing teleportation+invis skull dust of blinking, black potion 50
bone ring finger item bones 50
bone necklace neck item bones (3), sapphire or ruby or emerald 50
bone quill for inscription bones 55
calcium bone-alchemy ingredient bones (4) 55
bone crook mage weapon xxx 55
cloudy beverage Drink that heals and restores mana, cures poison, disease and wounding! calcium, clear potion, empty bottle 60
bone carved skull even cooler bone-on-bone offhand item skull) 65
Rubied skull bone carved skull that gives +5 vigour, +1 MR bone carved skull, ruby (2) 70
bone gnarled staff mage weapon bones (5) 70
refined cloudy beverage a cloudy beverage but with better restoration of HP calcium, skull dust, clear potion, yellow potion (2), empty bottle 80
bone helmet heavy head piece similar to a full helm skull, bones (4), shadow horn (2), leather 90
bone aegis heavy torso piece similar to a field plate skull (2), bones (20), leather (3), diseased bandage (4) 90
Sash of the Dead mini-artifact waist item bone belt, skull, diseased bandage (3), studs, spores, magic spleen 100
Skull of glue and gold mini-artifact offhand item bone carved skull, gold nugget (2), mesh, flour, water, magic spleen 100

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