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Pets are tame monsters that follow along and fight beside you. With the right attention and care, they can make a great addition to the adventuring life!


Offer food or items on various monsters to tame them. Feed them in the same way to keep them happy and gain their loyalty. Let them kill other monsters to gain experience, grow stronger and even evolve.


Pets are generally acquired by taming wild creatures. Many critters are tamable; maybe about 70% of non-undead.

Offer food (shift e) to attempt to tame a creature. Start on rabbits and cows, then move on to rats and other weak dungeon critters, then goblins and other humanoids.

Some creatures require you to use an item (shift u) on the creature instead. Think of it as offering the item to the creature.

Players are allowed to only have one active pet at a time. If you currently have a pet and attempt to train another, your current pet will disappear shortly after you tame a new pet. You stable a pet, and then train a new one. You can swap active and stabled pets for 500 gp.

Note: the taming skill will only increase if you are within 5% of the minimum skill to tame a creature and no more than 15% over the minimum skill. If your taming skill isn't increasing, then go tame something harder! Your taming skill will also increase when you feed your pet.


Having gotten a pet, it must be kept fed in order to keep it happy. To feed, simply offer food or items to the pet just as you did to tame it in the first place.

All creatures have a preferred diet. Most creatures are carnivores, some are herbivores (e.g. rabbit) and some are omnivores (e.g. rat). Some critters have a favourite food (a treat), which makes taming easier and boosts loyalty. E.g. rats prefer cheese, and rabbits favour carrots.

The Zorn is the only metalivore (metal eater) in EUO. Offer (shift u) to feed your zorn metal items. It doesn't have a favourite food but will eat any metal ingot, any medium or heavy armour, metal ores, etc. It will not eat weapons or shields though.

Some pets will only eat one type of food, specific to that creature. Some examples of specific foods:

  • sulphur for hellspawn
  • clear potions for water demons

Finally, pets digest food and get hungry a little faster than players do.

Loyalty & Bonding

Look (l) at a pet to see how happy (loyal) it is. Talk (t) to the pet to see how hungry it is. If you stay with your pet and feed it, it will become loyal. If you starve it or leave it alone, it will become disloyal. A disloyal pet will eventually go wild, and may even attack you!

A pet will bond with its owner after 60 real life minutes spent with the pet (the pet has to be able to see you!). Once a pet has bonded, it can be resurrected with a 'raise pet' scroll. A non-bonded pet that dies cannot be raised and is lost forever.

For wand of happiness see Wands for pets below.

Getting Stronger and Growing Up

Pets gain experience for all kills that they help with, which gains them levels with appropriate HP and Mana bonuses. Essentially, if the pet has not reached its maximum potential (i.e., level), a pet will leech some of the XP from any kills made. However, once a pet reaches its maximum level, you will gain all the XP from kills regardless of whether the pet or you made the kill.

Some creatures will 'grow up' (similar to Pokemon evolution) at level 25 and possibly again at level 50. The best example of this is the drake to dragon 'evolution'! You can't tame a dragon; only a drake, and then you have to go level your drake up to turn it into a dragon. It will take 100% skill to tame a drake. Drakes are carnivores but are fond of gold nuggets.

For wand of pet constitution see Wands for pets below.

Slash commands and Pet commands

Once you have a pet, use:

/petname newname

to name it. use the following commands to order it around:

  • stay : pet will stay and not follow it's owner at all
  • follow : normal follow and attack mode - the pet is rather aggressive
  • heel : pet will follow but not attack unless provoked
  • guard : pet will follow but only attack enemies that are attacking you
  • wander : pet will wander around and do whatever it likes!
  • leash X : X is the distance the pet will stray from you when in guard mode, eg leash 3
  • spells : use it to choose whether i) a pet only casts spells ii) pet only fights physically or iii) both, which is default behaviour - note that this does not affect AI of a pet without spells

A warning about 'stay' : a pet will slowly lose loyalty if you tell it to stay and it's on a different map level to its owner, with the exception to this being if the pet is in its master's house. The pet will of course get hungry and may starve.

Pet tomes

It is possible to unlearn spells from pets and teach them new ones. At Strangiato a spell known by a pet can be unlearned (ie. deleted) for 999gp, or a spell can be unlearned and saved as a pet tome for 9999gp. Not all spells can be saved as a pet tome though. Read the pet tome to teach your pet the spell. Pets cannot learn more spells than they initially know and the owner must have the minimum taming skills required for the pet. A pet will lose spells they learned from pet tomes when they evolve.

Wands for pets

Name Effects Supplier Price
Wand of pet constitution use on your pet to permanently increase its health by 20% Enchanter n/a
Wand of pet intelligence use on your pet to permanently increase its intelligence by 20% Enchanter n/a
Improved wand of pet constitution use on your pet to permanently increase its health by 20% Pet Supplier in Ye Olde Cash Shoppe, Nordhaven 20 adamantium coins
Improved wand of pet intelligence use on your pet to permanently increase its intelligence by 20% Pet Supplier in Ye Olde Cash Shoppe, Nordhaven 20 adamantium coins
Wand of happiness use this on your pet to make it never leave you, regardless of how unhappy it is Pet Supplier in Ye Olde Cash Shoppe, Nordhaven 20 adamantium coins
Wand of pet dying use this on your pet to make it dyeable Pet Supplier in Ye Olde Cash Shoppe, Nordhaven 15 adamantium coins
Wand of dragon blanking use this on your dragon pet to make it white and dyeable (does not affect the stats of the pet) Pet Supplier in Ye Olde Cash Shoppe, Nordhaven 20 adamantium coins
  • Wands of pet constitution and intelligence can only be used once. An improved wand can be used in addition to a regular wand to increase HP or INT by a total of 40%. Look (l) at your pet to see which wands you've used.

Pet Transfers

To transfer a pet, use

/transferpet playername

to move the pet to a new player. The target player will need to have a pet transfer deed in their inventory before the transfer may proceed, which may be bought for adamantium coins. The bond timer is not reset, so it would be wise to transfer the pet after it has bonded. The target player should also either not have a pet, or have their current pet stabled before the the transfer takes place. It is not possible to transfer a pet with non standard spells.


There are stables located in Strangiato. For the modest sum of 500 gp, you can leave an active pet in the stables. You can thus have two pets tamed at once, one pet in the stables, and a second pet active.

Pet Runes

You can also buy pet runes, which are portable stables, with adamantium coins. These pet runes allow you to have four pets tamed at once and also allow you to switch between them without having to go back to Strangiato each time.

Special Pet Related Abilities

You can buy the pet attack ability from the University for a paltry sum of money. Use this ability (via the shift-c command) to command your pet to attack your currently targeted enemy. Useful for the ranged weapon wielding hunter.

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