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This is an overview of the miscellaneous skills in EUO that neither constitute crafting or count as class skills.

Miscellaneous Weapon Skills


  • Damage Type: Bludgeoning
  • Stat Dependent Damage Optimisation: 50% str / 50% dex
  • Special Attack: MR CLEAVE

For further details on special rage attacks, refer to: Special Rage Attacks

And for a complete list of the various weapons availble as well as their respective weapon types, refer to: Weapon Types


Meditation allows one to regain HP and mana at an increased rate. The higher your meditation skill is, the more quickly you will be able to regenerate.

However, while meditating, you will also be blind until another action is performed or until you are hit. Taking a hit while meditating will also cause you to suffer increased damage.

To meditate, simply press n.

Fishing & Cartography

To fish, simply obtain a fishing rod, and use (u) it in the direction of a body of water.

Apart from typical fish, sometimes you may also drag up an old boot or in some cases, even a sea monster. Be careful and prepare yourself for a fight when fishing.

Fishing is a great way to catch food for yourself and your pet, as well as being the most consistent method for finding treasure maps - see the section on Cartography and Treasure Hunting.

Item Lore (Item Identification)

Buy a magnifying glass from a provisioner and use (u) it on an unidentified item on the ground to attempt to identify it. (Note that caution should be taken when identifying items; identify them in a secure location to ensure that they are not stolen.)

The skill required to identify an item is proportional to the quality or value of the item. (Also note that to detect a curse on an item requires additional skill.)


Taming allows players to tame monsters and animals and use them as allies in combat.

Refer to Pets and Taming for more details on taming.


Healing is a very useful skill (utilising bandages) that helps one to quickly recover from injuries and various ailments ranging from poison to blindness. With enough skill one can even twart death.

Refer to Healing for more details on healing.