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Every player is entitled to have one player merchant in game. However, this does not mean that every player gets a merchant. This merchant acts like a cross between a regular shoppe and a bank.

Purchasing from a Player Merchant

This works exactly like any other merchant. Press b to purchase something.

Searching for Items

Let your fingers do the walking:

Obtaining a Merchant

Purchase a merchant contract from a Scribe. Then, head down to Bartertown and try to find yourself an empty chair. Once you find one, use the scroll (by pressing shift + r) in the direction of the chair.

Chances are good that you won't be able to find an empty chair as most are already taken. All you can do is wait for some place to open up.

Using your Merchant

The first thing you will want to do is give your merchant a snazzy name. Type /merchname <name>, where <name> will be the name of your merchant. Note that 15 characters is the maximum length for a name. Use _ for spaces.

To deposit something into your merchant, use shift + b, similar to a bank.

To set the price of that item hit the = key when withdrawing from your merchant and you will be asked to nominate a price.

Making an item trade only: set the price to -1. Players won't be able to buy this with gold but it will be on display

To take something out of your merchant, press b. It does not cost you anything to take an item out of your merchant.

To withdraw any money the merchant may have, type /withdraw.

Should you ever with to get rid of your merchant, type /merchremove.

To rearrange the inventory of the merchant, type /sort.

Maintaining your Merchant

Once a week, merchants will be checked and deleted. To keep your merchant from being deleted, you should ensure he has some merchant-tokens in his inventory. When the time comes to delete merchants, if yours has at least one merchant-token, then he will not be deleted. Instead, one of his merchant-tokens will be deleted.

If your merchant is deleted, his inventory and the money collected will be sent to your bank. Your merchant can hold a maximum of only 3 merchant-tokens. New merchants come with 3 tokens.

Merchant tokens are for sale at the scribe. In effect, these things keep your merchant from being deleted as long as you tend to him once every 4 weeks. Thus active players will get to keep merchants, and inactive ones will lose theirs. No items will be lost - everything is returned to the bank.

Losing your Merchant

  • If your merchant has extremely overpriced or inappropriately priced items (eg: a potion for 1,000,000 gp) then he will be deleted, and all your items will be lost, including any gold the merchant may have collected.
  • You are guaranteed to lose your merchant if he is void of stock, and during maintenance, the DM does a check for empty merchants to delete.