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In EUO there are 7 basic classes: the Fighter, the Mage, the Priest, the Monk, the Necromancer and the Rogue. However, unlike most RPG's, you are not tied to a class when you create your character. Instead, the class(es) a character belongs to are based upon the skills that are developed over time.

Guides to building your character can be found on the forums:

The Fighter

The fighter is a master of melee combat, utilising weapons such as axes, halberds, maces and swords to defeat enemies. Please refer to the Fighter page.

The Mage

The mage is a purveyor of magic. Please refer to the Mage page.

The Monk

The monk is an unarmed fighter that also uses the sanctity school of magic to battle his foes. Please refer to the Monk page.

Link to the monks thread on the forums:

The Priest

The priest is a fighter/mage hybrid that specialises in holy magic while bludgeoning enemies to death with blessed maces. Please refer to the Priest page.

The Rogue

The rogue uses smaller melee weapons such as daggers, foils, and shortswords, as well as ranged weapons, and wears lighter armour when adventuring. Rogues also possess skills in security and stealth. Please refer to the Rogue page.

The Necromancer

The necromancer simultaneously casts dark necromantic magic while slashing his or her foes to pieces with a ritualised blade.

Please refer to the Necromancer page, & the forums:

The Druid

Druids are a staff wielding "nature" magic class that can shift their character stats and play style through polymorphism and druidry class skills. Druids wielding spell enchanted staffs (eg Crook of VOG) can proc the staff enchantment through their druid spells, while all other mages can only do so through melee attacks.

Please refer to the Druid page, & also the forums post about them:

How Your Class is Represented

In the player stats box, you will see a number of lines like this:

Fighter: x%
Rogue: y%
Mage: z%

The x% / y% / z% represents the percentage of each class you currently are. The total combined class % points (what as known as the class cap) is capped at 150% for humans and 125% for non-humans. For example, a character with a class cap of 125% could be 80% fighter, 20% rogue and 25% mage - or any combination thereof.

All races can use Shrine of Versatility to raise their class cap to 200%. Leveling at the Shrine of Versatility increases your class cap by 2 skill points per level.

How Classes Relate to Skills

1. Class specific skills belong under one of the following categories: Fighter, Mage, Priest, Monk, Rogue or Necromancer
2. The highest skill from a class category determines the class %
3. The maximum total combined class % points is 150% for humans, and 125% for non-humans.

For example, if you have stealth at 20%, magery at 50% and longswords at 30%, then you will be 20% Rogue, 50% mage and 30% Fighter.

The Skills belonging to each class category are as follows:

  • Fighter skills: Axes, Blocking, Longswords, Maces, Polearms, Tactics
  • Rogue skills: Foils, Locks, Ranged, Shortswords, Security (merged Stealth + Traps)
  • Mage skills: Magery, Sorcery, Staves
  • Priest skills: Blessed maces, Divinity, Piety
  • Monk skills: Unarmed, Sanctity
  • Necromancer skills: Necromancy, Hexblades, Bonecrafting

For more detailed information, see: Class Skills.

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