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This is an overview of purchasable player housing within EUO.

In you house you can drop anything and it is automatically locked down, so it won't decay and cannot be stolen. You can also terraform the floors: ie change the carpet, put in chairs, tables, etc.

How to acquire a house

With Dollars

If there are houses available, then you can buy a lease with real life money, ie US dollars. See this forum topic: FS:HOUSES, AVATARS, NAMED WEAPONS & RES STONES

The administration reserves the right to recycle your house if you don't login for 3 months.

Prices on application. see Housing FAQ

With Gold Coins

see Plots of land / housing Reg, NG and PD too - 50,000 gp!

Terraforming the house

Terraforming tile scrolls and placeable item scrolls are available from Ikea in Dryden for in-game money or adamantium coins. Press Shift-r to read the scroll and place it. Placing an tile via a scroll will replace the existing tile and create a tile for the replaced item in your inventory.

Renovation wand

You can also purchase a renovation wand from the not so secret wand merchant in Xile's .... with this wand you can use it to convert any tile in your house into a scroll, leaving behind just a plot of bare dirt.

Containers (or mimics)

  • One of the placable scrolls is for a container, which when placed resembles a mimic. Items can be 'bought' or 'sold' into the container just like the player bank.
  • You can personalise the mimics name with the /merchname or /chestname <Maximum 17 characters> command.
  • Mimics are purchasable from your local scribe: look for the container scroll. Container scrolls can also be scribed by a player with a high enough Inscription skill.
  • Mimics can be moved with the /movecontainer x y [z] ... z is optional and only need it if you are moving it to a different map (eg basement)command.
  • Mimic containers can be deleted with the /removecontainer command. All items in said container should be displaced on the ground in a stack.
  • Mimic containers can be sorted with the /sort command.
    • shift up/down arrow to move item up one or down one
    • shift page up/page down to move item a full page up/down
    • shift home to move item to top of list
    • shift end to move item to bottom of list
  • Opening the container you want in closed quarters.

If you're like this: [1]

Then stand directly under that container you want and hit b. It should open the container directly above you. In this picture I'm accessing the tool container.

Where are they located

Most housing is located in the following towns:

  • Braemere
  • Kingswood
  • The Resort
  • Chester Hill
  • Dulwich
  • Marrickville
  • Evandale
  • Darbrough
  • Traders' Outpost

Although there are a few houses scattered throughout the other towns:

  • Broden's Keep
  • Cammerata
  • Mon Ferrato

Other information

Forum thread on purchasing housing, etc.