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Player creation is pretty simple but there are a few details to bear in mind. This page will detail a few of the basic points.

Character Creation

To create your player character, load up EUO and select Create New Character. This will take you to the Create New Character page.

Create character screen

Account Name
To play EUO, you must first create an account. The account holds the details of what characters you are and so accounts are limited to 1 PER PERSON. The same account works for all servers (Reg, NoGrind and PermaDeath), so there is no need to have more than one account. Once you have created your account, enter your account name here.

This is where you enter your account password.

Character Name
This is where you enter your character's name. Few points to bear in mind: anything deemed an offensive name will more than likely result in your account being banned. Also, names are unique, subject to a maximum length and must comprise of English letters.

New players should choose the Regular server - and this is the server most people find themselves on. If you have played Rogue-likes and don't mind the the idea of dying and staying dead, try Permanent Death. For more of an Ultimo Online* style of character progression try No Grind.

This is where you select your sex. Depending on whether you pick female or male, you'll be able to pick different avatars and will voice different sounds ingame. There are no advantages or disadvantages when selecting either sex.

Races you can choose from include: human, half-orc, half-troll, gnome, bloodkin, shadowkin, dwarf, and skeletun. Read more here: Races.

The class you select will have a small effect on your initial stats, and will determine the equipment you start with. It's not critical which class you choose; skills ultimately determine your class, so you can change your mind at any time and starting working on the skills for a different class from the one you initially picked. Read more here: Classes.

This is where you select a tile (or avatar) for your character. This is how you will appear to everyone around you.

Enter The World Of EUO
Once you have decided you are happy with your character, select this to enter EUO proper and begin your quest for fame and fortune!

* sic !