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The No Grind (NG) server features a level-less style of character development, where stats grow with skill usage. The name No Grind comes from the fact that there is no level-grinding. Skills & stat gains are quite high, but the caps are low, to encourage multiple characters and mixing of skill sets (see Class Ideas).

Features of the NG server include:

  • no experience or player levels
  • 350% cap on class skills for non humans, 425% for humans (non class skills are not counted towards the cap!)
  • 2000 cap on stats
  • stats are worth 2x their face value (ie 150 STR is actually worth 300)
  • skills go up at 5x reg
  • no restrictions on mixing and matching skills (ie no class cap)
  • fast skill gains
  • permanent death is off

The address of the NG server is

How do I play on the NG server?

Follow the Quickstart Guide when wanting to create a new character for the No Grind server. When given the option to choose which server you want your character to be made be sure to select No Grind.

Special Commands for NG

  • /limitstat -- this will give some basic instructions


  • /limitstat (Name of Stat) (Number to limit) ie. /limitstat str 150
  • /limitskill -- this will give some basic instructions


  • /limitskill (Name of Skill) (Number to limit) ie. /limitskill longswords 35
  • /trimskill (Name of Skill) (Number to limit) ie. /trimskill blessed_maces 0
  • /listskills -- shows a list of all skills available in game.
  • /myskills -- shows a list of your current skills and their percentage points and the cap for that character.

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