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You only need one account to play on all servers. Servers are subject to change, but generally speaking Regular and PD will always exist.

Regular Server

The regular server is the most MMO like server with classes and levels. Features of the regular server:

  • players gain experience and have levels
  • stats are increased when leveling up
  • players level up by meditating at a shrine: the stat distribution determined by the shrine meditated at
  • 6 stat points per level
  • classes are variable and are determined by class cap
  • no real penalty for death other than having to go and pick up your gold

The address of the regular server is

No Grind Server

NG is the most chill server with no levels, easy progression and almost no restrictions on class building other than a cap on class skills, making it very easy to make interesting and obscure character builds.

The No Grind server has its own page here: Introduction to NG.

The address of the NG server is


Permanent Death Server

The PD server features 10x XP & permanent death.

The Permanent Death server has its own page here: Introduction to PD.

The address of the PD server is

Weekly PD

A weekly competition ladder server with permanent death. See

The address of the PD server is


A server for testing. No guarantees about availability or state. Official alpha server thread

The address of the Alpha server is

Commands unique or special to alpha

  • /respec xx xx xx - free respec (ie stat redistribution)
  • /script vamp - toggle player vampyrism
  • /script druid - convert to druid
  • /remort - available at level 75
  • /race 0-9 - free race change
    • 0 - Human
    • 1 - Draconian
    • 2 - Half-Orc
    • 3 - Gnome
    • 4 - Half-Troll
    • 5 - Shadow Folk
    • 6 - Bloodkin
    • 7 - Dwarf
    • 8 - Skeletun
    • 9 - Golem
  • New for July 2013: Can copy any character from reg and PD to Alpha via armoury