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Rogue Introduction

While rogues are not the premier combat class in the game, they have a repertoire of useful skills to employ along your journey in EUO.

Rogues are fantastic treasure hunters with their access to stealth and security. Their stealth skill allows them to navigate a dungeon undetected, while they utilize their security to loot the treasures within.

Rogue weapons use a 25% STR / 75% DEX stat ratio. Being a DEX based class, they aren't as quick to jump to the front lines of their party. However, rogues are far from useless in a fight. Rogues can utilize their backstab ability to allow them to deal a large amount of damage to an enemy. They also have access to foils and ranged weapons making them fairly versatile in combat.

Much like fighters, rogues can utilize a few different Rage abilities to support their party, such as gouge to blind enemies or slice and dice to deal massive damage.

Rogue Weapon Skills


  • Damage Type: Slashing
  • Stat Dependent Damage Optimisation: 25% str / 75% dex
  • Default special move: Slice n Dice
  • Other usable special moves: Gouge, Disarm


  • Damage Type: Piercing
  • Stat Dependent Damage Optimisation: 25% str / 75% dex
  • Default special move:: Disarm
  • Other usable special moves: Gouge, Slice n Dice


  • Players with high skill in foils will be at first able to parry attacks (i.e., deflect them) and later to perform a riposte (where the damage is inflicted back on the attacker). Parry and riposte are passive abilities that occur automatically.
  • When player successfully parries, target will instantly show a cross-shaped green glow as well as the 'hex' spell sound. When this happens, during the next 3 seconds, player can perform one of two special attacks, provided the rage level is sufficient:
    • Disarm: target gets "quiver" (q) debuff status, which means next 3 hits will all be critical.
    • Gouge : target bleeds, suffering damage over time, for 3 seconds.


For further details on special rage attacks, refer to: Combat Abilities

And for a complete list of the various weapons available as well as their respective weapon types, refer to: Weapon Types


With the use of lockpicks (available from provisioners), this skill allows rogues to unlock doors and chests.

Depending on your skill, a lock may be too difficult to unlock. However, with practice, almost no lock can stand between a rogue and whatever is beyond said lock.

Lockpicks also have a high tendency to break, so it is recommended that a ample supply are handy when off "exploring"

Trap Detect and Disarm

Many chests, locked or not, may also trapped. By Using the search function (i.e., s+dir) a rogue will attempt to examine a chest for a trap. The trap (if present), may be detect by a rogue if he or she has sufficient skill.

Traps may also be present on the ground. And as with chests, searching the ground may show up a trap if one is present.

In order to disarm a trap, use a probe (also available from provisioners) on the trap by using the command: shift+j+dir

Stealth and Backstabbing

Stealth is the art of moving silently and without being noticed. You can attempt to first hide by pressing H, then moving while hidden. Success in either hiding or moving while hiding will improve your stealth.

Once hidden, you can attempt to backstab. You must have a shortsword type weapon equipped to pull off a backstab. Backstabbing success is determined by your stealth skill, the target's level, and for player targets, the lightness of their armour. It's very hard to BS a player wearing plate armour, for example.


  • The chances of hiding and moving stealthily are greatly reduced when wearing medium and heavy armour.
  • You cannot hide when there are players, monsters or NPCs around which can see you, or if a light source is being held.
  • Equipping a light source or casting a spell will also take you out of stealth.
  • You can backstab by specifically selecting the skill or simply by attacking normally with CTRL + dir while stealthed.
  • Rogues cannot hide while wearing gold weapons or armor.

Bards & Musicianship

Please refer to the forum thread on this topic:

circle spell name spell type description
1 +10% Damage aura Boosts the caster's and party member's damage by 10%.
2 Fear and Confusion ability Causes fear or confusion within the area of effect.
3 +1 Loot Quality aura Increase loot quality from boss monster drops. DOES NOT AFFECT CHEST LOOT.
4 Party Heal ability Bestows the bardic restoration status, lasts 10 seconds.
5 +10% Rage aura Increases rage gain by +10%
6 New Fans ability Changes aggressive summoned monsters into friendly monsters
7 +100 MR aura Bard and party members get +100MR
8 Bleeding Eardrums ability Costs 50 rage, Causes bleeding in a directional cone

Light Armour

Rogues benefit from light armour. Essentially, gaining defence from light armour is subject to having skill points in rogue (or fighter/priest). Specifically, if your highest rogue skill is X%, then you will only gain X% of the total defence afforded by light armour.

So for example, if your highest rogue skill is 50%, and you are wearing 4 defense worth of light armour, then you would only gain 4 * 50% = 2 defense.

And for a complete list of the various armour availble as well as their respective armour types, refer to: Armour Types

Light Armour Movement Penalties

Rogues do not suffer movement penalties for wearing light armour.

For a complete list of the various light armour available, refer to: Armour Types.

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