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  • + 5 points in stat relating to their initial class
  • 150% class cap (all other races start with 125%)
  • PD servers: Remort to 200% class cap, while other races remort only to 175%
  • +10% xp (the non-human races gain only 90% of xp from monsters and quests)


  • +10% magical and normal damage
  • +15% magic resistance
  • Can polymorph into a drake that lets you fly at a slow speed anywhere on continent

Half Troll

  • Dual wield any 1-handed weapons (e.g., a 1H axe and a 1H sword: a tomahawk and a falchion)
  • Dual wield slight speed increase : 10% faster
  • Increased HP regeneration (regenerates even in the middle of battle)

Half Orc

  • +10% STR
  • +10% magic resistance
  • +15% faster rage gain
  • No speed reduction with heavy armour
  • Gains one point of magic resistance per rage


  • +10% DEX
  • +10% INT
  • walk 15% faster than all other races while stealthed
  • AEP/held time reduced by 50%
  • Cannot wield 2-handed melee weapons
  • Can search a chest to flag it as trapped or untrapped; this occurs at any level of traps skill


  • +10% INT
  • +10% magic resistance
  • +15% attack strength
  • All attacks leech mana (much like leeching weapons but less effective)


  • +10% STR
  • +10% DEX
  • +3 nightvision
  • Has the ability to go invisible with their Shadowmeld ability for 20 seconds


  • +10% hp
  • +15% to a stat of their choice, obtainable by drinking different alcohols
  • Full time infravision
  • Can mine, smelt, craft and WoT mithril weapons and armour
  • WoTing mithril equipment doesn't cause a stat loss.
  • Anyone can wear mithril (which has similar def to blackrock) but only dwarves get the crystal-armour like MR bonus from it
  • Anyone can equip mithril weapons (which give similar damage bonus to adamantium) but only dwarves get a 5 second MR cleave ability?
  • Mithril does not drop


  • magic resistance +15%
  • No res sickness
  • Do not get hungry but get bonuses from food
  • Corpses are always delicious and fully heal
  • Immune to poison, choking, drowning - and enemy vampyric attacks do not restore health
  • +100% dmg taken from silver (PVP only)
  • Take turn dmg (PVP only)
  • Take damage from wearing silver

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