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Talking to NPCs

In many cities in New Sosaria, you will come across NPCs (Non-Player Characters). Stand next to one and right click the NPC or press t then the directional arrow towards the NPC. The NPC will then say something (such as Hail adventurer!), and you will be engaged in a conversation with that NPC. You can then reply with words that the NPC may understand, and to make things even easier, topics or words that the NPC has something to say about are highlighted and be clicked on. If you say something that the NPC knows nothing about, the NPC will respond with "I cannot help you with that."

You can leave a conversation with an NPC by typing bye or simply pressing the ESC key.

Suggested Words

All NPCs will respond to the following words:

  • Name
  • Job
  • Time

Conversation parser explained

The parser links words individually to other statements. Thus if you ask "job" and get a reply "I am a baker" you could type "baker" to get more information. The best thing to remember is that many of the keywords will be highlighted and can be clicked on to further the discussion.

For many of the Quest NPC's, there is a lot of back story, and it can be rewarding to find out just what the quest is actually about - for instance, the NPC's in the Mountain Pass have a whole story behind them. Some writers (Kybare, Catherine) have added Easter Eggs into their dialogues, which are intended to give an added kick to players who spend time exploring EUO - in the Mountain Pass, try finding a hidden NPC and asking him about his creator!


Some NPCs have quests for you to do. Most can be retreived after asking the NPC what their job is and following the dialog from there. Any given quests will start and end with one word, although each quest may have a different word. There are several types of quests (see below) and each has you do something different. In the end, you will often receive a reward and experience (where applicable).

However, you may find it that an NPC has a quest, but will not let you start it. This occurs if you haven't done a previous quest. For example, you cannot do the Nordhaven guard quests until you have helped Bill the Jailer in the Nordhaven Jail.

Types of Quests

This list is mostly a light discussion pertaining to the mechanics of the quest engine. It's not particularly important for players to understand any of this, but of course this would be useful for potential quest authors.

  • Kill Quests

The NPC will ask you to kill a monster at some location. Find the monster and kill it. If it drops anything, pick it up. Return to the NPC for your reward.

  • Return Quests

The NPC will ask you to find them an object. Obtain the object, or find the location of the object. Pick it up and take it back to the NPC for your reward. You will lose the object you found.

  • Go To Quests

The NPC will ask you to find or go to a specific location. Find the location and walk over it. You will immediately finish the quest and be given your reward.

  • Obtain Item Quests

The NPC will ask you to get an item. Find the item in question and return when you have it. You will be given your reward while keeping the item.

  • No Goal Quests

These quests have no goals attached to them. Upon stating the word to start the quest, you will actually finish the quest and be given your reward. While this quest type may seem strange, it is used to prevent the player from learning information before starting the quest or giving the player an item needed for the quest.

  • Slaughter Quests

Kill X amount of a certain type of monster and return to the NPC for a reward. The number of monsters you have killed will be displayed after each kill. Note that some quests require you kill the monsters in a specific location.

  • Harvest Quests

Kill as many monsters of a particular type as it takes to collect some special item that they drop, and return the collected items to the NPC for a reward.

  • Use item Quests

Use a particular item at a particular location, return to NPC for a reward.

  • Note: Keep in mind, if someone else is doing the quest at the time that you start it, you might have to wait for that player to finish the quest if you have to kill a creature or to obtain an item

Class Specific Quests

Lord Byron of Cammerata Keep has a quest for you to do. Upon completing the quest, you will receive Lord Byron's Certificate. Take this certificate to one of his three advisors. You can then obtain quests from that advisor which are primarily designed to be tailored to each class. For example, mage quests are likely to give mage items as a reward. Note that with any one character, you can only work for one advisor. Be careful which you choose as there is no way to reselect later!

Lord Byron's Advisors

  • Oenishi is the rogue advisor. He can be found in the wooded area west of the main hall.
  • Greyson is the fighter advisor. He can be found in a western room of the keep.
  • Virgil is the mage advisor. He can be found in an eastern room of the keep.