Tips and Tricks to surviving PD

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General Advice

  • Avoid tackling monsters that can cast AEP or summon like the plague. Liches, Daemons, Basilisks, etc.
  • Don't tackle monsters that you aren't confident of killing successfully. If in doubt, you can always grind on easier monsters. Impatience is suicidal.
  • Do not AFK. If you have to be Away From the Keyboard, go somewhere safe and log off instead. A monster could always respawn within range of you, someone could lure a monster next to you, you could even starve to death...
  • Always remort. Remorting even if you plan on staying as a pure class character, as remorting allows you to level much faster though your stats are reduced by 2/3. You'll find that training levels 75-150 much faster than training levels 1-75.

Panic Buttons!

  • Mark (KPY spell) somewhere safe and bind Recall (KOP spell). For fighters and rogues, get some KPY and KOP scrolls. You can also do this with Invisible (SL) but some monsters can cast Reveal, so be careful. Better being safe than sorry.
  • Always carry a few mega yellow pots and bind them.

Create Alternative Characters

  • You will die! Lots! Make alts for crafting, as mules to hold spare cash, weps, items, etc so you don't loose everything when your main character dies.

For Mages

  • Get some of the essential spells like SL, VOG, VM and train them up before going out into the big wide world. Knowing you can dependably cast Invisible or Full Heal is a life saver.
  • With vampires, Turn Undead (AXC) is your friend. One or two flashes of AXC is usually enough to stun the vampire so you can kill it before it heals at your expense.

Tame a Pet!

Start taming around level 30, even though you may not be able to get a super strong bet, any assistance is beneficial. Try taming a pet to best suit your class, eg. for a fighter a magic monster such as goblin shaman which can heal and summon. For a mage something that can tank and take damage in your place, such as a troll. As for a rogue, perhaps they would prefer to have no pet and be stealth. However, in most cases a well trained pet may just save your life! -KingDavid