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Remort is a feature on the PD server which is available to characters that reach level 75. It is the method by which a PD character can multiclass. If you choose to remort, it is recommended that you do so at level 75 and not later.


  • Reduces your total stats by 2/3
  • Allows you to redistribute your remaining stats
  • Increases your class cap by 75%. See Classes for more info.
  • Resets your xp curve so that you level as if you were level one again
  • Everything else, including skills, equipment, etc remains unchanged

How to Remort

When your character reaches level 75, you will be given the option to remort or to continue leveling as usual.

To remort, type:

/remort [Str] [Dex] [Int]

Remorting is irreversible.