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This must be spelled out: when you die on the Permanent Death server (PD) your character is deleted! Do not play PD unless this point is perfectly clear. You will die due to lag, your client will crash in the middle of a nest of ettins and you will stoned to death, you will be ganked with no resurrection stones, you will have other players lure crocodiles onto you that will hunt you down until you die, and you will be killed by the DM when you've overstepped the line by asking for free stuff and not thanking him for it. There is absolutely NO warranty, and when you die, NO ONE will want to hear about it!

Having said that, some people think that the excitement of PD makes it the best EUO experience around.

Features of the PD server

  • Players gain experience and have levels
  • Experience as well as skill gains accumulate at 10x the regular server rate
  • Players don't need to meditate at shrines to level up - they level up immediately using Alt+F2
  • 5 stat points per level
  • Optional remort at level 75
  • Identical content to the Regular server
  • Permanent Death

How do I play on the PD server?

Follow the Quickstart Guide Regular when wanting to create a new character for the Permanent Death server. When given the option to choose which server you want your character to be made be sure to select Permanent Death.