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I can't resurrect with ! or shift-1 ! or whatever!

i) Firstly type /res to resurrect in an emergency like this
ii) Resurrection is now permanently bound to Alt-F1

On PD server I can't level up with @ or shift-2! or whatever

Level up on PD with Alt-F2

I connect and I immediately disconnect, or it says 'the game needs patching' but the patcher doesn't launch

Run the patcher by hand. Go to the EUO install directory, and run patch.exe. You may need to run it as administrator or give it admin permissions when asked.

This may be caused by installing EUO into your Program Files directory. Pro-gamers keep their games in C:/games !

The patcher is doing nothing - it just hangs!

The patcher may not work well with a proxy. You can always download the latest EUO installer and reinstall, as it always has an up to date client.

I can't leave Nordhaven, I keep getting reset

This means your continent map is out of date and the in-game patcher is not working. Quit EUO, go to your EUO installation directory (probably c:\euo) and run patch.exe, then try again.

I can't see at night time or in dungeons. All I get is a black screen!

There are 2 possible solutions to this: try these in order:

  • change your desktop colour depth to either 16 or 32 bpp: 24 bit has reportedly caused this problem
  • Your CPU doesn't support MMX instrcuctions

You can also try out 'old lighting' as part of the options menu via F12.

EUO spits out some weird graphics related error at start up

Try changing desktop display depth - 32 is ideal, then try 16 or 24 bpp.

Alternative Servers

How do I play on the permanent server?

Select that server during Create Character and/or Journey Onward.

Also read this: Introduction to PD

What is the main EUO server address:port?

The main server that the EUO shard runs on is euo.swut.net and the port is 26667.

How do I connect to a different server, eg the PD server?

Select the alternate server during Journey Onward or Create Character.

Advanced users can use the EUO Launcher.

Failing that, edit client.cfg, so it looks something like this:



Where are the options?

Press F12 to configure just about everything.

Can I play fullscreen?

Yes, press Ctrl+F12 once the game is loaded.

Can I turn the music off?

Yes - via F12.

How do I bind spells to the F keys?

Spells can be bound to F1 to F8 - press shift and the Fkey to bind a spell to that key.

How do I bind items to keys?

When viewing, using or readying, hold ALT then press just about any key on the keyboard to bind the currently selected item to that key.

How can I remap my keys?

You can remap most of your keys via the F12 options menu.

How can I reset my keymapping to default?

There is an option to restore defaults via the F12 menu.

Misc Play Questions

How much can I carry?

Your maximum load is proportional to your strength, and differs from server to server. Your maximum load is on your stats display.

How do I level up?

This depends on the server ...

  • Regular : travel to a shrine and meditate near the flame. The shrine you meditate at will determine your stat gain. More on Shrines here.
  • PD with levels : press Alt-F2 then press s, d, or i to select how you want to distribute your new stat points.
  • NG : There are no player levels on the NG server.

I missed some message or text!

Press the page up and page down keys to scroll through old messages.

I'm doing a kill quest, and the target is neutral aligned

Either just attack the target or talk to it!

I'm doing a kill quest, and the target isn't there

Re activate the quest with the NPC that gives it because you weren't fast enough to find the target.

I'm doing a find-item quest, and the item isn't there

Re activate the quest with the NPC that gives it because you weren't fast enough to find the item.

I forgot my password - can you tell me what it is?

Click here to recover your password.

I've forgotten what characters I've made? How can I find out what they are?

Head to the Armoury and log in with your EUO account details.

Can you delete my characters for me?

Delete them yourself with the /delete slash command. Note that if they are low-level enough and untouched for a few months they may get pruned.

Where did my player merchant go?

Merchants need to be well stocked with Merchant Tokens or otherwise they will be deleted - please see Player Merchants.

My woodcarving won't go over 10 - is there a stat requirement on it?

No. You can only train woodcarving to 10 by chopping ordinary logs alone. To increase it further, chop different tinted logs (such as ash, oak) or start whittling with your pocketknife.

How long will I be a criminal for?

30 mins per kill: you must sit out this time in game - the crim timer isn't counted down when you're not logged on. You can also meditate at the Humility Shrine to reduce your crim time more quickly.

My pet is hurt. How do I heal it?

You have three options: cast XM or VXM, use a bandage, use a yellow or clear pot (shift-d) or don't move and wait for your pet to regenerate. Note that the amount of hit points healed when a bandage is used depends on your bandaging skill.

Where do I get the highest circle spells?

Try doing the mage / priest quests. Also, some spells are dropped by higher level monsters. However, the drops are quite rare so you may have to kill many.

I have the 'L' status effect! What is it?

Lycanthropy. Werewolf disease. Look forward to the next full moon or get cured.

How do I cure lycanthropy?

Ask a guard about a 'cure'.

Is anybody in Minos?


What does a Polypile wand do?

The item is described in Provisions (last item on that list).


If/when will you add feature XYZ?

When I get around to and/or feel like it. The likelyhood of something getting worked on goes by this forumla:

Importance of the feature x My enthusiasm in the feature

              difficulty of the feature

How about larger maps?

Probably not, due to poor early EUO design. Though the continent is currently around 300x100 tiles.

How about a single level map where towns are on the same level as the continent?

No, for various reasons. This feature also implies large maps - see above.

What about a sortable inventory?

Click here for sorting your inventory/banker and here for merchants/chests!

What about player housing?

Houses are for sale for both dollars and gold coins, details here.

Can I get the map editor?

The map editor is available for download on the downloads page.

If I make a map, will you use it?

If it's good, yes - and you'll be credited for it.

Can I get the server?


Can I be a mod or a GM?

No chance.

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