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Every player has three primary stats to contend with. These are Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. Each of these stats has a significant bearing on the game and how powerful you are.

Strength affects how many Hit Points (HP) you have, adds some Magic Resistance, and determines much equipment and items you can carry. Strength (in combination with dexterity) also affects the amount of bonus non-magical damage you deal using weapons.

Dexterity affects how quickly you can move and adds some Magic Resistance. Having a lot of dexterity can also affect your defense (depending on the type of armour worn), and also affects (in combination with strength) the amount of bonus non-magical damage you deal using weapons.

Intelligence affects how much Mana you have to use for spells, and has a significant affect on your Magic Resistance. Spells also increase in effectiveness when the user has a high intelligence.

Other Attributes

As well as these primary stats, there are a few other stats to bear in mind.

Hit Points determine the amount of damage you can take before you eventually kick the bucket. Naturally, once your Hit Points equals zero, you're dead. On the regular server, you can resurrect yourself by pressing ALT+F1 which instantly resurrects you in the town in which you are bound. However, this also induces resurrection sickness which can only be cured by meditating at a shrine. On the permanent death servers, death costs you a resurrection stone. Once you run out of these resurrection stones, you are permanently dead and your character is deleted. Permanent death servers are not for the faint of heart!

Mana is used when spells are cast. When you have no Mana, you cannot cast spells. Mana can be restored by meditating or drinking a blue potion.

Attack Strength
Attack Strength is how effective you are in combat. The higher it is, the more effective you will be at inflicting damage on highly defended targets.

Defense determines how hard you are to damage. The higher it is, the more damage you will absorb without losing hit points. This is influenced primarily by the type of armour you are wearing.

Magic Resistance
This is essentially defense against magic. The higher it is, the less damage you take against certain spells (there are a few exceptions where Magic Resistance has no effect). It is influenced primarily by intelligence, and slightly by strength and dexterity, and also by any equipped items with bonuses that effect Magic Resistance.

Increases your rate of mana regeneration. Stacks with Meditation skill to rapidly regenerate mana when meditating.

Shows you what effects or ailments are affecting you. Some are beneficial, others are not.

  • B: BLIND - caused by being attacked by a giant squid or by opening a trapped chest. Cured by eating a carrot, waiting for a bit or by using a bandage on yourself. There is also a slight chance that you may be permanently blinded - in which case waiting won't help.
  • b: BAD BREATH - shows that you have halitosis. Caused by eating eggs and sometimes by drinking from fountains.
  • c: CRIMINAL - Players with criminal status will be attacked on sight by the guards, and may also be attacked by other players without repercussion. 30 minutes of criminal status for every non-criminal player killed as well as 5 minutes (?) for every person contaminated with the plague by you. Criminal time can be reduced by meditating at the Shrine Of Humility.
  • D: DISARMED - Means you have to fight with your bare hands and can't re-equip a weapon.
  • d: DRAGON FORM - cast Vas Ylem Rel to polymorph yourself into a dragon.
  • G: GAGGED - Means that a GM is sick of you spamming up global with inane banter and it is time to be quiet.
  • H: HELD - Paralyses you - caused by shieldbash, the An Ex Por spell, and certain monsters.
  • h: HIDING - shows that you are using the stealth skill.
  • I: INVISIBLE - cast Sanct Lor, Vas Sanct Lor or drinking a black potion to become invisible.
  • L: LYCANTHROPY - Shows that you are affected by lycanthropy and will turn into a werewolf at every full moon.
  • M: MEDITATING - regenerates health and mana depending on skill.
  • o: SLOWED - caused by ice wind. Movement speed is reduced.
  • P: POISONED - causes a loss of health over time. Cast An Nox or a red potion to cure yourself.
  • p: PROTECTED - Protection from disease, poison and lycanthropy. Also +5 to defense.
  • q: QUIVERING PALM SHOCKED - You will be dazed and have a much higher chance of having criticals landed against you.
  • R: ENRAGED - Means you can perform special moves with your current weapon regardless of skill at will (gained from drinking a Khaki potion).
  • r: RESURRECTION SICKNESS - You'll get this after resurrection. Meditate at a shrine to remove it.
  • S: SICK - You've eaten too much and vomited. When sick, you cannot eat until you get hungry again.
  • s: SPEED/DEX BOOST - Shows that you are speedy after drinking a brown potion.
  • t: TRUESIGHT - Gives you the ability to see inivisible and stealthed.
  • V: CLEAVED - Shows that you've been hit by a Cleave attack. Reduces defense and attack for a short period of time.
  • v: PEERING - shows that you are using a peergem or crystal ball to show your location.
  • W: WEREWOLF FORM - Shows that you have transformed into a werewolf.
  • X: HEXED - caused by Xen Jux and certain monsters. Turns you into a rat.
  • x: X-RAY VISION - Shows that you have x-ray vision after drinking a white potion.
  • Z: ASLEEP - caused by using sleeping fist, casting In Zu Hur, or using an orange potion.
  • z: DISEASED - caused by eating too many tasty corpses or from being attacked by a zombie.
  • ?: CONFUSED - caused by taking a strong blow to the head or by Quas An Wis.
  • !: ASPHYXIATING - caused by throat strike or certain cursed items and chest traps. Perform the Heimlich Manoeuver to cure choking by attacking the affected person when unarmed.
  • @: HALLUCINATING - caused by drinking a cursed potion or fountain.
  • -: WOUNDED - Suffering from profuse bleeding that cannot be healed - generally 25% health lost over 5 seconds.
  • +: BANDAGED - You will heal quickly when bandaged, as long as you keep still

How much cash you have on you. Useful in free market-based societies for the exchange of goods and services.

Presented in a 'xx/yy' format, xx is how much you are carrying, yy is how much you can carry.

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