Werewolves and Lycanthropy

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On the night of the full moon those unfortunate denizens of New Sosaria stricken with the lycanthropic curse polymorph uncontrollably into werewolves and hunt the unwary. Adventurers should take care and avoid the forests and open fields on these terrible nights and stay inside.

Player Lycanthropy

When attacked by a werewolf you have a chance to contract lycanthropy which is the disease that polymorphs humans and the like into werewolves during the nights of a full moon.

A player in werewolf form has all of their equipment except jewelry unreadied. You cannot use any potions or equipment like rafts or grappling hooks. Your attack strength, defense and speed now depend on your level and you can only heal yourself by eating human corpses (or by simply letting your HP regenerate normally).

Werewolves are faster, and very vicious combatants. High powered werewolves have been known to kill town guards - a formidable feat.

To contract lycanthropy get bitten by either a player werewolf or a monster werewolf during a night with a full moon. With every bite there is a chance to contract the disease. Once you do get the L status, you have full-blown lycanthropy, however you won't transform until the next full moon.

Werewolf Details

  • when in wolf-form, your stats get temporarily redistributed to 45% str / 45% dex / 10% int
  • player werewolves are poison immune
  • werewolf MR is based off revised temporary strength (so it is effectively proportional to your level)
  • wolves can bash (if bash ability is known)
  • wolves get a simple special move 'maul' which is a rage based 3x strength attack - you must know the 'special move' ability to use it though
  • wolves can eat human corpses to heal
  • wolves are flagged as criminial - so when polymorphed, avoid town guards or towns altogether

How to obtain a cure your lycanthropy

To remove Lycanthropy permanently, ask a guard about it with the keyword cure. Once cured, it is rumoured you can then master the ability to transform into a wolf at will.