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Vampires are undead creatures who subsist by feeding on living creatures' blood. They're the result of a powerful curse connecting a dead person's soul to their deceased body, immediately after their death. The result is a bloodthirsty creature of the night, unable to support daylight or normal food anymore, but gifted with supernatural talents in return.

Social Organization

Nowadays, most vampires are organized in covens, each one with their own rules and ethics. These accept common people as new members, if they prove worthy. There are also vampire clans, where all members come from old noble families. Each vampire group, either coven or clan, fight for supremacy and is enemy of all others. Some people talk about vampire hunters, brave men and women who are said to live in some hidden city and kill vampires for a living, but this is not confirmed.

Becoming a vampire

Common folk can only hope to become a vampire by joining a coven, since clans are closed societies. However, vampires are very secretive about their ways, and don't tolerate anyone sharing their secrets: their threats of horrible torture and painful death are enough to keep any mouth wisely shut, including the author of these lines'. The right course of action for anyone to apply for a coven is most likely to find a vampire in the right mood to talk about it, if such thing exists.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PLAYERS: once you convert to a vampire, no amount of gold, begging or even US dollars will get you converted back!. Many have regretted their decision already, while others maybe not. It's strongly recommended to experiment in Alpha or NG servers before risking to ruin your favorite character, which might have taken years to build properly.

Vampyric powers, perks and features


  • Vampyric Drain - drains the life out of a target slowly, regens HP and feeds the vampire. It has a 10 min cooloff.
  • Glamour - charm any humanoid, which will become a caster's ally as long as the spell lasts.
  • Graveyard Healing - dig up a grave mound tile (or any tile south of a gravestone or cross) to sleep in it and restore HP very quickly.
  • Bat Form - polymorph into a bat and fly

Special Power - depends on vampire's coven:

  • Bloodlust (Dark Blood Coven) - deal an extra 20% dmg for 60 seconds. 10 minutes cooloff.
  • Preservation (Preservers Coven) - reduce damage taken by 20% for 60 seconds. 10 minutes cooloff.

Perks and features:

  • VAMPIRES TAKE MASSIVE DAMAGE IN SUNLIGHT. 3% of max HP per second. This means vampires should always stay underground except between 11 PM and 6 AM, which is considered night time.
  • all attacks are vampyric in the same manner as vampyiric weapons, black dragon pudding, etc. ;
  • vampires are undead - they're immune to poison, drown, choke, disease, lycantropy, etc. ;
  • Mani and Vas Mani spells (heal and greater heal) damage vampires! They cannot heal this way ;
  • unlike skeletuns, vampires get hungry but can only be sated by vampyric drain ability ;
  • normal food does not satisfy hunger (but gives bonuses normally) ;
  • wearing and/or equipping silver items will be painful, causing damage over time;

More Information

Please refer to the forum's thread about player vampires for more details and related discussion:

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