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This account was created on Tuesday, August 16, 2005.

I am probably the oldest and yet still active (not counting Egg) players of EUO. I have made several maps including Bakyre and the basic design for the University and Troll Bridge.

I am also the resident quest maker in EUO. I've made all the quests in Bakyre and the class specific quests. Soon, a large number of new quests will be added designed for players of higher levels.

Please feel free to add anything you want to about me here (in fact, I'd like people to add stuff here about me!). If you do, leave you username next to whatever you write. Otherwise, I might make an "Anonymous Statements" section for people who don't want to be known. After a comment is made, I will add my own comment to it (if I see fit).

"Useless" facts about Kybare

  • The name "Kybare" is pronounced k-eye-bear. --Khelben
    • Did you know that I first made up the name Kybare to play the game "Pirates!"? I was copying my brother's character whose name was "Kybage".

  • Kybare is the only person I "know" who has the patience to complete 2 masters' degrees. --Khelben
    • I have an MA Economics from UBC and am currently doing an MSc Oceanography at Dalhousie University.

  • Kybare is currently the only character who never ugraded himself through the various developments of EUO and thus cannot level, but used to be able to edit the game world (through a completely underhand method I might add) - thus his retro Ultima IV look! He is also famous for having a vastly over-powered sword that he might have used to help me out a few times ;) --Catherine
    • Ahhh, Catherine... you've been gone from EUO far too long! Three things are inaccurate with this:
1. At least Warrior and possibly Michelle have also not trimmed. I have no idea about Broden or Thorn...
2. I AM able to level, just not gain any skill points (in anything). I mostly choose not to level as my character is actually pretty weak.
3. I also do not own said sword (vampyric long sword + 127, for those who weren't around) anymore. Egg asked for it back, so I gave it to him.
But, on a different note, there are some items that I do own which are not ligitimate. Check out my manor in Bakyre for them. I also have a braiser in my bank that I've had since before you could buy them and I used to have a ring IVPY... but it dissappeared after a DM mishap.

  • Kybare is actually Mexican, although he resides in Canada. Proof of this has been widespread, mostly due to his penchant for ponchos --Catherine
    • Mexican.gif Halloween, 2003.