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I'm a gremlin - I have sharp pointy teeth set at groin level, and a bad temper (although I'm usually nice). There's a great picture from the forums, but I can't work out to link it here. I'm also vaugely an old-time player, and selected my avatar before you could see them ingame. Thus I was bald for most of my early career, until transformed into a gremlin. I much prefer being a gremlin.

I've made quite a few of the maps, and love putting in NPC's with lots of dialogues, and signs. (When I remember to send them & don't delete them). I can't work out the quest system, otherwise I'd make my maps with quests attached - if there appears to be a NPC who wants to give you a quest on a map, but won't, its probably because I've written it in, but lack the skill to make it into a quest ;) When I started making maps, the Maped program had to have every number entered by hand, was only checkable by trial and error, and was vastly more primitive - if there seems to be differing degrees of complexity to maps, its largely due to this. I might go back over the old maps updating them all if I ever have time. I also "ever so often" edit other people's maps when so needed to, when time permits - and love seeing other maps, although editing tends to ruin the surprise. Check the forums for the email!

I'm also an ex-GM, probably due to my rather over-zealous protection of EUO, and distaste for cheesy tactics & game abuse. I'm noted for persecuting certain players for cheating, then being entirely vindicated when proved correct - and unlike Kybare or Khelben was not a popular GM by any means. But yes, I'm an ex GM - my excuse is that my wand snapped ;p

Like Kybare, you can put stuff underneath if you so wish - r/l I'm a bit of a hippy / environmentalist person, and easily get drawn into pointless internet debates. I also did a bit of philosophy, and so love Ultima for its Ethical structure, and wrote the guide to virtues, and the guide to Maped.

  • Catherine made the map "Tangled Forest", but the idea for it came from me. In fact, the idea came from a map I sent her which she promised to finish. I'm still waiting for the map from her but it's probably long gone. ---Kybare
    • It was supposed to be for a DM'd game that never happened! But yes, I expanded the idea a 'little' bit. I've no longer even got copies of the early maps I made, but strangely do remember the map in question. Only the NW corner was a forest (with lots of river tiles) - the rest was dungeon. And yes, Kybare has asked me every time he saw me online for this map for 3 years now ;) ---Catherine