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Dungeons are where you will want to go to kill monsters, gain experience, find items, etc. While some are underground, others are castles or towers, even townes, that are inhabited by monsters. Although some are known by their names, there are also many who remain unnamed by adventurers, and whose twisting passages have never been mapped properly. These dungeons often lead to the underworld, and the experience is never the same twice!

Below is a selection of dungeons. For an exhaustive list, see the Map List page.

Heroic & Epic Maps

Some maps have a portal near the start that will lead into a heroic instance. This will lead to almost the same dungeon only every monster will be more powerful then it would normally be. The current maps that have this feature are as follows.

  • Minotaur Halls: monsters 3x stronger
  • Rivers End: monsters 3x stronger
  • Wizard's Tower: monsters 5x stronger (epic)
  • Cassandra's tower: 5x stronger (epic)

New Sosaria

The Abyss

Perhaps the oldest, deepest and most infamous of all the dungeons, this dark place has long been a bane to the Virtues and a hole of the blackest, most dangerous creatures on New Sosaria. Few have been able to reach its end, although many have tried. Only the most experienced, and bravest of adventuring parties venture there to cleanse its depths.

Cassandra's Tower

The Sorceress Cassandra, long thought lost to New Sosaria, caused this tower to appear almost overnight. It appears to be designed to test young adventurers and show them how to survive the lands of New Sosaria - however, like all tests, this is not one free from danger. Conquering her tower will often give the new adventurer a good grounding in survival techniques, as well as provide some much needed treasure.


The Monastery once was a peaceful place, then is was attacked by the creatures of the underworld. It is now under the control of monsters of the Underworld, it is going to take a strong warrior to bannish the evil creatures of this place.

Fort Grunthos

As a grim companion to Ogretown, this keep festooned with skulls and hideous trophies dominates the desert that surrounds it. A haven for monstrous humanoids, entering this keep unprepared would be foolhardy as the numbers of evil monsters would surely overwhelm thee!

The Graveyard / Catacombs

Half a day's journey north and then a little east of Nordhaven lies the haunted graveyard of Olde Porte.

Hermit's Cave

This cave used to hold an old hermit - but it is rumoured that an outlaw gang has taken it over! Less experienced adventurers should head here to test their mettle, and punish the killers of the harmless hermit.

Hidden Forest

This forest is reputed to be haunted, and is extremely hard to find. There have been rumours that a mage in Mon Ferrato knows the location of it, but these have been disputed.


Once the great home of the Dwarves it was lost to monstrous humanoids long ago. These halls have many dangers within them, although monstrous humanoids provide little challenge to the experienced adventurer. Reports that the lower caverns have been experiencing earthquakes have not yet been confirmed.

Kodiak's Test of Strength

This ebony black lump of obsidian once stood as a challenge to all adventurers that considered themselves the most experienced in the land, until the Council of Wizards deemed it too dangerous and blockaded its entrance. Foolhardy adventurers can still venture there, but to find its displaced entrance will take one a lot longer, and further afield! Update: the entrance is no longer barred. The council has decreed that grinding dragons is actually not that dangerous any more!

Minotaur Halls

This keep was made by minotaurs, and is well reknown for its fierce inhabitants. The keep itself is a towering affair where many minotaurs and their guests reside. It is rumoured that this keep has older, even more dangerous, dungeons underneath it, that travel into the deepest bowls of the earth. Adventuring parties often travel here, but rarely go deeper as the danger is too great!

Mountain Pass

Home to an order of Paladins and Thantos Keep, rumours have emerged that not all is well in this once proud beacon of Virtue. Many speak of multiple paths through the pass, and hidden caves full of monsters ~ adventurers are advised to go well prepared as there will be a long path ahead of them.

Nordhaven Jail

The Nordhaven Jail is crawling with pests ranging from rats and gremlins in the upper levels to orcs and goblins in the deeper levels. This is an excellent starting dungeon for any brand new character. The Nordhaven Jail is also connected to the Sewers under Nordhaven.

The Nordhaven Jail is also where any players jailed by a GM end up. They will be located in the jail cell directly north of Bill the Jailer.


Far from the civilised regions of New Sosaria this dusty towne of monstrous humanoids serves them as a base from which they strike out at the region! There are rumours that deeper caverns lie underneath!


Duogon was once a great tower dedicated to the art of wizardry, this tower was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion long ago. Its name has faded from the history books, and now few know what lies in its cellars.

Ruined Base

Once a proud outpost of monks dedicated to the Virtue of Sacrifice, this has long been taken over by evil. Its halls are crumbling, and any number of villains and their odious companions now resides there!


One of the oldest and most famous of New Sosaria's dungeons, this ancient mine has long been over-run by evil. Although many of its passages are flooded, there is rumoured to be an ancient portal to one of the ultimate tests of endurance in the land within it.

Tangled Forest

The entrance to this forest is found at the centre of one of the densest forests on New Sosaria. Within its depths lie ancient temples, castles and caves that few have lived to speak of. Traveling there with a party is advisable, as there are many different situations that adventurers will meet. A friendly druid, Trell has made it known that he stands fast at the entrance to guide those seeking ways through the forest, to better direct anyone foolhardy enough to believe they will find all its secrets in one attempt!

Valley of the Trolls

A well hidden Valley that many have not yet fully explored. The only rumours about this place speak of a mountainous region containing secrets long thought disappeared from New Sosaria. The mountains there are home to veins of black rock, and Wizards are advised to not travel alone whilst exploring this region. The University of Tanelorne sent an large exploratory party to this area recently, but no news has been recieved back from them.

Wizard's Tower

This place was once the sight of many battles. Now, undead and worse have taken over its ancient stones. It taunts adventuring bands with its lofty heights and many internal secrets. Be warned though, as it is as dangerous on the lower floors as those above!

Xile's Underground Castle

In the underground castle of Xile, creatures await to challenge the novice warriors of EUO. It is said that you can hear the mumblings of a businessman in there.


Blood Moor

Castle Brownthorne

City of Shadows

A city of evil and dark creatures that is heavily fortified against the forces of virtue. The city inhabitants consist mainly of dragons and shadow creatures. No army has ever broken through the front gates.

Deja Vu

This dungeon begins on a seemingly natural path, but once the adventurer plunges in, it's a stranger world. In the depths one will find territory that beckons memories of past journeys. Only, these territories have something very unfamiliar - the presence of evil. From bankers to braziers, those that venture will find unsuspecting danger at almost every corner. One should take extreme caution as to what may be hiding beneath the shadows as well...

Farimond Dungeon

Underneath the castle of the Farimonds, there lies a hidden dungeon. It is a dangerous place with different levels and stronger monsters, and some say it even changes!

Lost Jungle

The Lost Jungle is composed of thick vegetation and marshy terrain that encompasses an old keep. It is inhabited mostly by bands of overpowered goblins. Going through the depths of the keep can be quite the trek.

Sylvengard Tower

Sylvengard Tower is a dungeon located on a small peninsula southwest of the alligator swamp. The fastest trek to avoid the alligators and whatnot like would be by water. Inside the depths, the dungeon is filled with a lot of magic using monsters alien to New Sosaria.


Lava Caves(North/South)

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a dungeon much “nicer” to the new adventurers of Maeondir, being the closest to "starter" hunting grounds in comparison to the others. Although the origin of the Labyrinth has been lost over time, some might speculate there may have been a sort of “experimental magic” involved with the area. While the beasts inside are familiar from many dungeon adventures, many of these specimens are gigantic in comparison to their Sosarian cousins.