Defend the Keep

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Defend the Keep is a minigame where you defend an NPC from several waves of undead monsters.


You can find Defend the Keep just northwest of Dryden, next to Estorrath's Hut.


How to Play

Every night in New Sosaria, you can participate in Defend the Keep. When you enter Skullthorpe's Castle at night, small waves of minor undead creatures will spawn from the graves at the bottom of the map. You'll probably be able to make easy work of them, but don't get too comfortable just yet! As you get rid of one wave, the next wave will have a greater number of more powerful undead! You must protect Skullthorpe at all costs, because if he dies, it's game over.


There are no rewards for winning Defend the Keep. It's simply a fun distraction from grinding levels in EUO!


You respawn in the castle if you die.